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John Rutherford heads to Israel

U.S. Representative John Rutherford has settled in quickly to his role in Congress and this recess week finds the Jacksonville Republican burnishing his foreign policy chops with a trip to the Middle East.

Per a press release from Rutherford’s office, the congressman leaves for Israel Monday “as part of a delegation of Members of Congress to meet with various leaders in the region including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.”

The delegation will discuss “US relations in the region including economic, military, and security cooperation.”

Rutherford “plans to meet with Nafatali Bennet, the Minister of Education and Diaspora Affairs, IDF Soldiers, as well as Israeli military leaders, professors, and business leaders. The group will also tour Israeli military bases, as well as visit historic and holy sites.”

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  1. You forgot to mention that this is an all expense paid trip by an Israel lobbying group, the American Israel Education Foundation, an arm of AIPAC. He’s not ‘burnishing his foreign policy chops,’ he’s currying favor with a lobby for a foreign country. No doubt, campaign donations to follow.

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