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Proposal would make it harder to change constitution

A Senate Republican proposed a measure Monday that, if approved by voters, would make it harder to amend the Florida Constitution.

The proposal (SJR 978), filed by Ocala Republican Sen. Dennis Baxley would increase the threshold for voter approval of constitutional amendments.

Currently, 60 percent of voters need to approve amendments. Baxley’s proposal would increase that required number to two-thirds.

Baxley’s proposal itself would require a change to the Constitution.

If approved during the upcoming legislative session, it would go on the November 2018 ballot.

Rep. Rick Roth, a Loxahatchee Republican, has filed an identical proposal (HJR 65) in the House.

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  1. Good ole’ Dennis Baxley . . . our homegrown undertaker who could well put up a sign at his funeral home stating it is a NRA affiliate, open and ready for business coming it’s way . . . whether it is you or one of your children or those whom you may shoot cowboy style on street matters little! Just keep the business coming, please.

  2. I agree Baxley, like Seen Keith Perry, thinks the legislators should not be told how to spend the citizens money.

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