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Supreme Court eyes traffic ticket firm

The Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered a Miami-Dade County firm that helps customers fight traffic tickets to show why it is not practicing law without a license.

The Florida Bar last week filed a petition with the Supreme Court, alleging that TIKD Services LLC is violating a ban on the unlicensed practice of law and asking justices to issue an injunction against the firm.

The Supreme Court issued an “order to show cause” requiring TIKD to respond to the allegations. TIKD’s customers take pictures of their traffic tickets and submit payments to the firm, which then hires lawyers to challenge the tickets, according to the firm’s website.

TIKD says it covers all costs, including any fines and court costs.

“We already know what’s going to happen,” TIKD says on its website. “Maybe not with your particular ticket, but on average. Many tickets that are challenged are either dismissed or result in reduced fines. Since TIKD handles so many tickets, we know with a pretty high degree of certainty what is going to happen to a particular type of ticket, and therefore how much it’s going to cost us.”

The Bar petition, however, contends that TIKD advertises “in a fashion which may lead a reasonable lay person to believe” the firm is qualified to provide legal services.

“Respondents (TIKD and the firm’s founder) either personally or through advertisement offer traffic ticket defense legal services while suggesting that their services are the equivalent of or a substitute for the services of an attorney,” the petition said.

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