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‘Leave it be’: New ad for gambling initiative out

“Leave it be until Amendment 3,” says a new ad from the group behind a constitutional amendment on voter control of gambling expansion that will be on November’s statewide ballot.

Voters In Charge, the political committee backing the Voter Control of Gambling Amendment, on Wednesday announced “a 30-second television ad, a 60-second radio ad, as well as digital and social media advertising, starting today in select media markets in Florida.”

“The reaction by gambling lobbyists and Tallahassee politicians shows exactly why we need Amendment 3,” Voters in Charge Chairman John Sowinski said in a statement.

Lawmakers now are, in the ad’s words, “scrambling for gambling” as they try to agree on comprehensive legislation by the end of the 2018 Legislative Session on March 9.

That includes an agreement with the Seminole Tribe of Florida guaranteeing $3 billion over seven years from the Tribe’s gambling revenues in return for exclusive rights to keep offering blackjack and add roulette and craps at their casinos.

“The ads follows the release of a recent poll by Hill Research Consultants conducted by Voters in Charge which found support for Amendment 3 at 76 percent,” a press release said.

Proposed amendments need 60 percent voter approval to be added to the state’s constitution.


  1. Could someone tell me if after amendment 3 would be enacted, what percentage of voters it would require
    expand gaming at a pari-mutel? The eight counties that voted to have slots which the legislature, Pam Bondi, and the Supreme court denied….all passed at an average rate of 58 percent. There is something here I’m not getting?

  2. Thomas Jordan – Those counties never voted on that. I live in Palm Beach and always vote. I am in the gaming business and it was never on any ballot. It’s all BS.. The counties never proved that the voting even occurred they just said it did. The greed from the offending tracks that are behind the lies are the ones ruining the new deal with the Seminoles and the State. If they didn’t try to force the issue and piss on the compact the Seminoles might have given them all BJ in exchange for craps and roulette. So what it came down to is the Seminoles got tired of being insulted so they cut everyone off.

  3. Thomas – If in fact they did have it on a ballot it had to be attached to another Bill where as the voters had no clue that it was attached and got passed by deception knowing the main Bill would generate votes.

      1. I am always impressed how inciteful your post are and I thank for the education, but a quick question…have you googled the ballots to see for for yourself?

        These guys have been whipping up a frenzied state for a while, it their base was as bogus as you suggest, dont you think someone would have deflated them a long time ago? I mean 90 seconds and there is more data than you can read in a week.

        I think the group op eight counties, who are Hated by; Pam Bond i, the Tribe, The House went a lot farther than you could possibly have gone on a scam

  4. There is no way the Seminoles would ever share blackjack with the Pari-mutuals in exchange for craps and roulette..They’re not that foolish

  5. Polls financed by the anti gaming group, now called voters in charge, is the same one backed by the Disney Organization and run by John Sowinski. They want to kill all Florida gaming, especially the kind of destination casinos proposed by Sheldon Adelson and his Las Vegas Sands Company; that would severely cut into the profitable mid-week conventions and trade shows, that are so critical to Orlando’s high hotel occupancy and average room rates. Casino gaming is a very strong amenity for Florida tourism, and the addition of Craps and Roulette, as proposed by Senate Legislation, will put the Seminole casinos on equal footing with Biloxi, the Bahamas and other Islands; and even with Las Vegas. Even if the upcoming referendum takes all future State gaming decisions away from the Legislature and Governor, the Seminole casinos will continue, perhaps with no share of revenues to Florida. It is important for FL, that this compact is completed before the end of March, and earn $3 billion, while providing a great amenity for Florida tourism, including the addition of Europe’s favorite game, Roulette.

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