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Panel to take up ‘Ellie’s Law’ for airboats

Minimum requirements to become airboat operators who carry passengers will go before the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission next week.

As part of a new state law (HB 1211) crafted in response to the death of a University of Miami graduate, the commission was given until Oct. 1 to devise an airboat-operators course.

Under the proposal scheduled to be discussed June 19 in Sarasota, the commission will look at student requirements, instructor qualifications, course requirements, basic course topics, proof of completion and refresher course requirements. I

n addition to the course requirements for operators, the new law, called “Ellie’s Law,” also requires operators to complete a course in first aid that includes cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The law is named after ElizabethEllieGoldenberg, 22, who died last May after being thrown from an airboat on an Everglades tour. Goldenberg was with her family celebrating her graduation from the University of Miami, where she was an honor student.

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