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SunPass continues to catch up on toll transactions

State transportation officials estimate that about two days’ worth of toll transactions will be processed on a daily basis as the SunPass Centralized Customers Service System catches up with what was expected to be a weeklong upgrade.

“As improvements to the system move forward, it is anticipated that up to 8 million transactions will be posted on a daily, recurring basis until all accounts are reconciled,” Department of Transportation spokeswoman Kim Poulton said in press release Monday evening.

As of Monday, more than 20 million backlogged toll transactions had been posted, following a systemwide upgrade that began June 6, according to the release. The upgrade, designed to consolidate electronic tolling authorities into a single billing system, took about three weeks longer than planned to complete. Transportation officials, who estimate about 4 million toll transactions occur each day, have said that tens of millions of toll charges were not immediately posted during the upgrade.

Customers’ transactions will be processed gradually, with the oldest backlogged toll fees processed first, according to Monday’s press release. Late fees and penalties are not being imposed “until the system is operating fully and providing the benefits and ease of access that SunPass customers deserve and expect,” the release said.

Transportation officials have blamed the vendor, Conduent, for the delays, and have pledged to “hold the vendor fully accountable for the delays it has caused” and to enforce all penalties “to the maximum extent possible.” State authorities have not yet said what penalties will be imposed.

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