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Donald Trump attacks Andrew Gillum over immigration

President Donald Trump didn’t namedrop any Democrats facing primary battles as he touted Congressman Ron Desantis, Gov. Rick Scott and other Republicans in Tampa on Tuesday evening.

But, by process of elimination, it’s clear that he did at one point refer to Andrew Gillum, mayor of Tallahassee and Democratic gubernatorial hopeful, as DeSantis’ potential opponent.

After encouraging rally attendees to vote for DeSantis in the Aug. 28 primary, Trump told the audience to not forget about the Nov. 6 general election. His following comments detailed a candidate who almost certainly is Gillum.

“You have somebody, one of the group, is going to be running on open borders, anti-ICE, anti-law enforcement,” Trump said. He was then cut-off by a protester.

Gillum, who’s staked claim to a progressive approach in the race for governor, made headlines in early July after calling for the abolishment of ICE “in its current form.” ICE is a widely used acronym for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Orlando Sentinel reported earlier this month that the other Democratic candidates for governor — Gwen Graham, Jeff Greene, Chris King and Philip Levine — had been “critical but more cautious, all calling for ‘reforms’ but not using the term ‘abolish.’”

In a Democratic primary, where most candidates have sought to criticize Trump on the campaign trail, being singled out by the President during a nationally syndicated appearance could make up the difference. And Gillum already is turning the half-mention into campaign fodder.

Per the Gillum campaign: “Gillum is the first and only Florida Democratic candidate to have the courage to stand up to Trump’s inhumane family separation policy by calling for the abolishment of ICE and replacement of it with a humane, compassionate federal agency.”

Nearing the end of the rally, Trump implored his audience once more to vote in November, and may have referred to Greene, a Palm Beach billionaire and next-door neighbor to Trump’s Florida residence – though the mention is vaguer than Gillum’s.

“I know some of the candidates,” Trump said, before ranting about Democratic candidates’ lax approach to secure borders.

Greene has campaigned off of his adversarial relationship with the President, even going as far as purchasing TV ads depicting him arguing with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. He also held an anti-Trump protest near the rally earlier on Tuesday.


  1. Talk about a failure of a rally! Very Sad! Trump couldn’t even fill the arena! So he had to feed his very tiny ego by making up thousands of imaginary people outside. The only people outside were protesters lol. Trump teeny tiny grip on florida (like his very small hands) which he won by less than 2% is gone! Multiple special elections from democrats and trump awful and increasing lowering approval rating in the state spells disaster for republicans! Very sad! Blue Florida!

  2. Why not make the entire State of Florida look like the crime-ridden, poverty stricken city of Tallahassee? I love it when the Dems try to under-estimate Trump’s popularity. But keep thinking that way, and they’ll continue to lose. BTW: in regards to the Tampa rally, Um… I don’t think so. Hundreds of people lined up hours before
    the speech to get in. “The Expo Hall’s 8,000 seats were packed, with an additional 4,000 in an overflow room and crowds standing outside the building.”


    1. Fake News! Very sad! Looking at video of the very small sad rally. Will show you the treason weasel president had many empty seats! It’s very funny when trump supporters try to claim they’re some sort of gigantic army of “real Americans”. The only thing gigantic about a trump supporter is how fat most of them are. The rally was nothing aside from a gathering of russian nationalist wannabe and Q idiots. Only thing it was good for was Desantis to make some ads bragging about how he’s the smartest cookie. As declared by the orange man who don’t talk too good. Very Sad!

  3. Yet they already proved there were MANY PAID ACTORS AT EVERY TRUMP RALLY. These actors TALK… easy money. And probably the ONLY hard working one’s benefitting from Trump

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