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Money pumped into ads for felons’ rights initiative

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A political committee backing a proposed constitutional amendment on felons’ rights spent nearly $3.6 million in late August, with almost all of the money going to advertising-related expenses, according to a newly filed finance report.

The committee Floridians for a Fair Democracy spent $3.579 million from Aug. 25 to Aug. 31, with $3.557 million of that amount listed as going to a “media buy” and digital advertising. The report also showed that the committee had about $4.88 million in remaining cash on hand as of Aug. 31.

The proposed constitutional amendment, which will appear on the November ballot as Amendment 4, would automatically restore voting rights for all nonviolent felons who have served their sentences, completed parole or probation and paid restitution. Felons convicted of murder and sexual offenses would not be eligible.

The proposal, which would require approval from 60 percent of voters to pass, comes after years of political and legal fights about restoring the rights of felons who have served their sentences.

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  1. If you aren’t willing to follow the law yourself, then you can’t demand a role in making the law for everyone else, which is what you do when you vote. The right to vote can be restored to felons, but it should be done carefully, on a case-by-case basis after a person has shown that he or she has really turned over a new leaf, not automatically on the day someone walks out of prison. After all, the unfortunate truth is that most people who walk out of prison will be walking back in. Read more about this issue on our website here [ ] and our congressional testimony here: [ ]

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