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Adam Putnam to ‘work hard’ until the end

After losing the Aug. 28 Republican gubernatorial primary to Ron DeSantis, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam continues saying his focus is the remaining four months in the Cabinet post.

Asked for the second time in a week what is next for him, Putnam, a longtime elected official despite being only 44, maintained Tuesday that his goal is to “work hard” in his current job “to the very end.”

“I went back to work the next morning,” Putnam said, referring to the day after the primary. “There’s lot to be done.”

Asked about remaining in public service, he said he’s “focused on being commissioner of agriculture”

Putnam, who is from Bartow, was first elected to the state House in 1996. He moved to Congress four years later, where he served five terms before being elected to his statewide office in 2010.

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  1. When asked what’s next for him after losing in the primary to a tremendously flawed candidate Adam Putnam said, ” My goal is to work hard in my current job until the very end.” Putnam continued by saying, “There’s a lot to be done.” Somebody needs to whisper in the ear of the ‘golden boy’ that he can stop the bulls—. The race is over.

    Putnam did work hard a day in his life. That silver spoon he was born with in his mouthed tarnished by all the Sheriff endorsements he received. Too, his denying the public the ability to see the dirty dining reports concerning Publix dirtied up that spoon too.

  2. Under Adam Putnams watch Calder Race Track run by Churchill Downs in Kentucky closed. The hundreds of jobs that were lost never mentioned in papers. Nobody did more harm to horse racing in Florida than Adam Putnam.

  3. It’s about time because he neglected the office that he was holding for the past 2 years to further his political ambitions
    while drawing his full salary. FDACS is nothing but a dumpster fire at this time and I’m speaking from first-hand experience at least Ron DeSantis had the Integrity to resign from Congress we need to sign the campaign full time Putnam got just what he deserves

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