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Ron DeSantis won’t join Donald Trump at Orlando stop

President Donald Trump is speaking in Florida on Monday, but the man he boosted to the Republican nomination for governor won’t be with him.

Former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis won a come-from-behind victory in the August primary with the help of Trump’s endorsement. But his campaign said he won’t be with the president because the Orlando speech is an official White House event and not a political stop.

The White House says Trump will address the International Association of Chiefs of Police about law enforcement issues and securing the border with Mexico.

Republican Gov. Rick Scott, who is challenging Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, will appear with Trump in his official role, not as a candidate.

The DeSantis campaign said a Trump political visit to Florida is in the works.

DeSantis is facing Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who is vying to be Florida’s first black governor.


  1. Bulls—!!! Deranged DeSantis won’t be with Trump in Orlando because even the world’s MOST FLAWED President can clearly see the ‘writing on the wall’.
    Deranged DeSantis is a failed gubernatorial candidate in the making.

  2. This is a mistake! This man seems to have no zest, no fire! If he’s running against a socialist, he needs to be EVERYWHERE! Wake up, get on board the train, fight for the win!

  3. When has Trump ever stuck to the script and NOT made any visit a non-political event ? He just rambles on, off-topic, and embarrasses the Office every time. DeSantis is behind in the polls and could use the help, but I’m not sure if Trump can help anymore

  4. DeSantis needs to start letting people know where he’ll be … I’d love to go to a DeSantis rally but my local news won’t report anything on him and his campaign doesn’t send out emails letting people know where he’ll be campaigning.

  5. During the primary, DeSantis’ message was “stands with Trump”. Now in the general election, he can’t run far and fast enough from him. I am sure he understands that in a purple state like FL, being around Vile, Deranged, Degenerate, Disgusting, Corrupt Don the Con is toxic!

    1. There’s a reason or can’t you figure that out, he’s hiding something really big, and hoping if he lays low he can get past election day.

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