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Gulf Power storm repairs could top $350 million

Hurricane Michael

Gulf Power, the largest utility in Northwest Florida, expects a final tab of hundreds of millions of dollars from Hurricane Michael.

In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing Wednesday by the utility’s parent company, Gulf estimated that costs of repairing transmission and distribution lines and “uninsured facilities” will total $350 million to $400 million.


The filing by The Southern Company, which is Gulf’s parent, did not provide a detailed breakdown of the costs.

But it said that as of Sept. 30, Gulf Power had $48 million in a property-damage reserve. Under a 2017 rate-settlement agreement, Gulf is able to ask the Florida Public Service Commission for approval to recoup storm-related costs from customers and to replenish the reserve to $40 million. But the filing indicated a decision has not been made.

“The ultimate outcome of this matter cannot be determined at this time,” the filing said.

The Category 4 Hurricane Michael made landfall Oct. 10 in Mexico Beach and caused massive damage as it tore through parts of Northwest Florida and went into Georgia.

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