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Florida Supreme Court upholds ban on openly carrying guns

The Florida Supreme Court says there’s nothing wrong with a state law that bans openly carrying handguns.

In a 4-2 decision Thursday, the court rejected a claim that the law is unconstitutional because it restricts the federally protected right to bear arms.

Concealed weapons permit holder Dale Norman was arrested by Fort Pierce police in 2012 because his gun was visible as he walked down a sidewalk.

He was convicted of a second-degree misdemeanor but appealed his conviction.

Florida hasn’t allowed guns to be openly carried in public for decades, although the Legislature is considering bills this year that would grant that right.

Similar bills failed last year.

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  1. What is this, the wild west?
    We live in a such an uncivilized, such a paranoid, such a feeble-minded society that we much walk about with loaded instruments of death destruction to feel safe, or masculine, or empowered. Just sad.

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