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Florence Snyder: Just in time for Christmas, John Heilemann’s chickens come home to roost

It took a while, but John Heilemann‘s chickens came home to roost, as chickens always do.

Political infotainment addicts know Heilemann as the bald half of the ubiquitous Beltway byline Mark Halperin & John Heilemann. H & H have a gift for glibness and a talent for spinning very small nuggets of news into very big paydays on multiple media platforms.

The gravy train ground to a halt in October when Halperin’s decades-old hobby of powering up his overprivileged penis and aiming it in the direction of powerless young women was revealed. Halperin apologized for his “aggressive and crude” behavior, which is Halperin-speak for “I’m hot, and I can do what I want.”

Heilemann claimed to be “flabbergasted and shocked.” Nobody believed that, except for H & H’s fools and fellow-travelers at Morning Joe.

While Mika (Know Your Value) Brzezinski was gaslighting Halperin’s victims, a real reporter at the Washington Post was putting together a piece of serious journalism which included a Halperin victim’s extremely specific recollection of that time in 2007 when she told Heilemann exactly what his homeboy was about.

Heilemann told Paul Farhi that he “doesn’t recall” that conversation, and “declined to be quoted directly.”

If you can swallow that story, it’s probably time to ease up on the hot buttered rum. From the Horny Harveys in Hollywood to the Oversexed Senators in Tallahassee, there’s always a bunch of beneficiaries around the Great Man who know plenty and say nothing that would interfere with the revenue streams.

It takes a special kind of arrogance to live in a palatial glass house with a media sex creep like Halperin and throw stones at political sex creeps like Donald Trump and Roy Moore.

That, and a Stage 4 case of Selective Memory Disease.

Florence Beth Snyder is a Tallahassee-based lawyer and consultant.
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