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Jax sheriff, public safety unions back Charles Cofer for public defender

Fourth Circuit Public Defender Matt Shirk is in real trouble. On Friday, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams and the police and fire unions endorsed his challenger, Charles Cofer.

Williams’ endorsing statement has to be considered damning for the two-term incumbent.

“The Public Defender’s Office is an important part of our criminal justice system,” Williams said. “Charlie Cofer’s 36 years of service as a public defender and county judge make him uniquely qualified to run that office. Charlie has earned a reputation throughout the community and law enforcement for his integrity and experience. I support Charlie Cofer in the race for public defender, since I know that he will restore integrity and experience to that office.”

Fraternal Order of Police head Steve Zona was even more scorching in his indictment of Shirk.

“It’s time to restore the integrity of the Office of Public Defender,” Zona said. “The office is broken and is being used for political attacks and personal agendas. Charlie Cofer will restore the integrity of the office and has the experience to represent those in our criminal justice system that need it most.”


  1. #BigJimBreland stands with Sheriff Mike Williams and FOP’S Steve Zona in endorsing Judge Charlie Cofer for Public Defender ! Matt Shirk’s prior shenanigans should have had him ousted by Gov. Scott, long ago!

  2. Charlie Cofer is a lifelong democrat that attended the Barak Obama inauguration. Shame on Mike Williams. But this has the handwriting of Angela Corey all over it. She and Charlie have been tied at the hip so this really is no surprise.

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