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Emily Slosberg leaves board of Florida Young Democrats

Emily Slosberg, a Democratic state Representative from Boca Raton, announced this past weekend she is stepping down from the board of the Florida Young Democrats.

“It has been an honor serving on the board of Fl Young Dems! I already miss it! I will always be a FYD at heart,” Slosberg posted on Facebook Sunday.

Slosberg underscored said honor in an email to other Florida Young Democrats, ruling out reasons why she — a legacy politician — might want to leave the group.

“My leaving the board has nothing to do with the FYDs being instrumental in running Senator Clemons [SIC] campaign against my father or FYD trying to get my father out of the Senate 31 race,” Slosberg added.

Slosberg, an attorney from West Palm Beach, is the daughter of former Rep. Irv Slosberg.

“I have no hard feelings about any of that,” the lawmaker concluded.

As Democrats gear up for a wave election, they are facing organizational and fundraising challenges throughout the state.

As this Florida Politics’ Ana Ceballos reported this morning, Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo last week asked county-level Democratic leaders for donations; six of 67 local parties have come through.

The party’s account used to fund federal campaigns is also in the red.


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