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Rick Wilson to come home for book signing at Tallahassee’s Midtown Reader

He’s untamed, intelligent and ferociously critical of President Donald Trump.

And, if you’re in the capital city, he’s coming to a bookstore near you.

GOP strategist Rick Wilson from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. on Thursday will be at Midtown Reader in Tallahassee to read from, discuss details and sign copies of his new non-fiction work, “Everything Trump Touches Dies.”

Wilson, a regular guest for cable news and radio broadcast networks who is known for his fiery rhetoric, could attract a large crowd. 

Sally Bradshaw, owner and operator of the Midtown Reader, told us, “based on feedback, we’re expecting it to be a crowded event.”

Calling Wilson “bright, clever and provocative,” Bradshaw said his popularity transcends the political spectrum because he’s a “truth teller.” An unusual number of calls have come into the store to hold copies of the book ahead of the August 16 signing event, she added. As of publishing, nearly 50 people already have RSVPd to the free event on Facebook, with more than 150 others indicating interest.

Midtown Reader, a quaint Thomasville Road locale that’s just a short drive from the Capitol, is an independent general subject bookstore that boasts a wide variety of political books, along with works from other genres, on its shelves. 

It’s accustomed to holding political guests, too. Sen. George Lemieux, former Gov. Jeb Bush and former Gov. Bob Graham (also a former Senator) all have stopped by to speak in the past 18 months. 

A Tallahassee resident, the event could be a homecoming of sorts for Wilson, as he’s been busy racking up national media appearances.

Released Tuesday, “Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever” is a comprehensive and disparaging dissection of American politics in the age of Trump as told by a lifelong conservative, prolific Republican ad man and early leader of the ‘Never Trump’ movement. 

A very transparent critic of the President and his fans, Wilson’s prose unloads on the alt-right activists who emerged from the woodwork to support the President, as well as fellow conservatives who Wilson believes turned a blind eye as Trump rose to power.

In reviewing the book for Chicago Tribune, Rex Huppke writes, “At a time when honesty and integrity were as gone as the dodo in politics, Rick demonstrated both.

“And he and his band of Never Trumpers fought mightily to remind Americans what it actually means to be a conservative.”

Just a day after the release, the book shot to #5 on Amazon’s Best Seller list and is currently holding strong around the #10 spot.


  1. I never heard of Rick Wilson, but if I were Trump I would demand a share of the book profits. It is very clear that the NeverTrumpers don’t hate Trump nearly as much as they hate Trump voters, which is why they will not regain control over the Republican Party for a long time.

  2. tRump voters are deranged morons supporting a Nazi. There is no reasoning with them. Rick Wilson is a true gop’er.

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