Mike Lee endorses Ron DeSantis for Senate - Florida Politics

Mike Lee endorses Ron DeSantis for Senate

Florida Republican Senatorial candidate Ron DeSantis scored another key endorsement Thursday, from Senate conservative Mike Lee.

“Ron DeSantis is the gold standard for constitutional conservatism in Florida and is the clear conservative choice for the U.S. Senate,” Lee said.

“He will make an immediate impact in the Senate and will be a leader in restoring the Constitution and rule of law, reducing spending and debt, shrinking the bureaucracy and ensuring that only true constitutionalists make it to the Supreme Court. I enthusiastically endorse Ron DeSantis and recommend that conservatives in Florida and around the country support his campaign,” Lee added.

“Mike Lee is a national conservative hero who leads the fight for limited government principles every day in the U.S. Senate,”  DeSantis said.

“Mike has developed more conservative reforms in a wide range of areas than anyone else in either house of Congress. Senator Lee is the leading constitutionalist in the Senate and he has led the fight to restore constitutionally-limited government based on the rule of law. I am proud to receive the support of Mike Lee.”

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