Black Republican Caucus leader backs "conservative fighter" Ron DeSantis for U.S. Senate - Florida Politics

Black Republican Caucus leader backs “conservative fighter” Ron DeSantis for U.S. Senate

On Friday, Senate candidate U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis announced the endorsement of Sean Jackson, leader of South Florida’s Black Republican Caucus.

“Congressman DeSantis is a champion of economic opportunity, limited government and defending our nation against terrorism, and I’m proud to endorse him for the U.S. Senate,” said Jackson, who described DeSantis as “a leader on national security and … the conservative fighter we need in 2016.”

“I thank Sean for his endorsement and for his leadership as chairman of the Black Republican Caucus of Florida,” DeSantis said. “Democrat policies have failed to offer better opportunities for millions of Americans, including and especially in the black community. I look forward to working with Sean to bring a positive reform message to all corners of Florida in 2016.”

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