Ron DeSantis attends Koch Brothers' big-money conclave in California - Florida Politics

Ron DeSantis attends Koch Brothers’ big-money conclave in California

U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis loves to travel. And travel he did this weekend, to Palm Springs for a Koch brothers retreat.

The Freedom Partners event dealt with fundraising and fund expenditure. The hope is to funnel up to $900 million into this campaign, reports The Desert Sun.

The Hill’s Jonathan Swan tweets that DeSantis was there, along with Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, Texas Lt. Gov. Jeb Hensarling, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Reaction was swift from the David Jolly camp, which earlier on Sunday laid in a lacerating critique of DeSantis’ fundraising jaunts.

“While Ron DeSantis was in California this weekend trying to enrich himself, David Jolly was in Florida paying tribute to the officers of the Clearwater Police Department honoring their heroism and bravery. Ron’s constituents must be so proud,” said Jolly political director Max Goodman.

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