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Ron DeSantis, Ted Yoho among targets for pro-AHCA ad buy

The American Action Network is putting the pressure on three Florida lawmakers to vote in favor of the American Health Care Act.

The AHCA — a proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act — is facing questions from the left and the right both, related to issues ranging from cost-effectiveness to coverage levels for indigent populations.

Florida Reps. Ted Yoho and Ron DeSantis, whose districts are on the fringes of the Jacksonville media market, are two of the three targets.

The third target: Rep. Bill Posey of Melbourne.

The common thread seems to be conservative legislators in smaller, less expensive media markets.

POLITICO notes that the Florida spots are part of a $500,000 ad buy targeting thirty districts nationwide.

The ad contrasts the “job-destroying mandates,” “soaring premiums” and bureaucratic “control” of Obamacare with the AHCA, which “puts patients and doctors in charge” and offers “more choices and lower costs.”

The spot brands heavily around Donald Trump, who was wildly popular in rural areas of the state last November; it urges representatives to “vote with” him on this bill.

See the DeSantis version below:

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  1. VOTE NO!! This piece of crap is but Obamacare lite. Not at all what we’ve been promised since 2010. Repeal entirely!

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