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Feds: Florida housing agency misspent grant money

An audit found that Florida’s housing agency spent more than $100,000 of federal grant money meant for struggling homeowners on bonuses and perks for its employees.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program noted the spending in a report released Friday.

The report says the Florida Housing Finance Corp. spent $106,775 on bonuses, gift cards and barbecue for employees. The federal agency says such spending is unauthorized.

The Florida agency disagreed, saying the spending did not violate any state or federal regulations.

The Florida agency’s former director, Stephen Auger, resigned last December after a state audit found the agency had spent $52,000 on a filet mignon and lobster dinner to honor mortgage company executives who worked with low-income borrowers.


  1. You wonder why people don’t trust politicians I mean read this story and ask how does this happen Why not put Stephen Auger in jail you cant stop this unless people go to jail they know they are breaking the law but get away with it look at Debbie Wasserman Schultz look at Maxine Waters look at Corrine Brown When will America wake up

  2. We best and only realistic response . . . and responsibility we have in this matter is to excuse from elected public office those politicians using tax payers monies inappropriately and elect new, more honest people who have their personal, professional and political integrity intact. Anything less, and we might as well just keep whistling Dixie, as good as it would do.

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