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Rick Scott closes all public schools in Florida

All public K-12 schools, state colleges and state universities have been shut down from today through Monday to ensure room for “sheltering and staging” for Hurricane Irma, Gov. Rick Scott‘s office announced Thursday night.

All state offices also are closed today.

In a statement, Scott explained he was ordering “the closure … to ensure we have every space available for sheltering and staging,” he said in a statement.

“Floridians are facing a life-threatening storm in Hurricane Irma,” Scott added. “Our state’s public schools serve a vital role in our communities as shelters for displaced residents and staging areas for hurricane recovery efforts.

“Closing public schools, state colleges, state universities and state offices will provide local and state emergency officials the flexibility necessary to support shelter and emergency response efforts.”

Many school districts and universities had already voluntarily agreed to close because of the looming arrival of Irma over the weekend. But many school districts and colleges in north central and northwest Florida had remained open.

The storm’s latest track has it likely making landfall in Florida Friday night. From there the storm is likely to make its way up the center of the state. Scott and forecasters have warned residents in all corners of the state that they could be affected.

For detailed shelter information, visit www.fldoe.org/irma and www.floridadisaster.org/info.


  1. Why are escambia county public schools opening instead opening as shelters for evacuations from South florida?

  2. Orange County taxpayers should recall Barbara Jenkins and Bill Sublette and fire the entire school board for even suggesting that they stay open tomorrow. Rick Scott just did their job for them.

  3. Why does this idiot governor announce the Friday closing of schools Thursday night when nobody is prepared to respond, and for ALL of Florida when the other Florida (the panhandle) is not affected by the storm. I am sorry for those in the path but those of us up here are not south Florida.

    1. The schools being used as shelters need time to prepare. Depending on the severity and path of the storm, shelters in the panhandle may be needed for evacuees.

  4. Union County School board leader Mr Faulk and Becky Raulerson stated Union County will still go to school tomorrow 9/8/2017 He said that he is aware that Gov Rick Scott said No school for the state of Florida but union county which is lake Butler Fl still going too school tomorrow….that’s not fair

  5. Nooo. You can’t close Banks! You can’t! I’ve been waiting for pay day on Friday to withdraw money to be secure. You just destroyed my wife and newborn along with countless others. I was relying on this! How could you authorize bank closings throughout F L? Without the very least making it a half day???

  6. I’m in Orange County, which had planned to have school Friday and close Monday like sensible people. Rick Scott caused everyone to get phone calls at 10PM Thursday that school has to close. There is no storm here until Monday. How do people deal with their work plans and watch their kids – now that school is cancelled? Rick Scott is a fool, and they are over-rotating on everything.

    1. The schools being used as shelters need time to prepare. I’m a teacher and, trust me, it takes time to prepare schools to be used as shelters.

  7. Greetings! Kindly check the photo that you used. The photo is that of a classroom in a private school in Manila, Philippines, and not of a classroom in a public school in Florida. We would appreciate if you could update/change the photo. Thank you very much.

  8. This is a classroom from the University I went to in Manila, Philippines, De Lasalle University. Why is this photo used? HAHAHA

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