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Richard Corcoran, Phillip Levine swap Twitter jabs

The virtual gubernatorial debate stage/soapbox rekindled Tuesday, marking the second time an unannounced, yet highly anticipated candidate took to the Twittersphere to shake things up.

In a tweet Tuesday morning, House Speaker Richard Corcoran criticized Miami Beach Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Phillip Levine after it was reported he purchased a statewide, five-week, six-figure ad buy encouraging enrollment in Obamacare.

Though the ad omits any mention of the mayor’s bid for governor, Corcoran said Levine’s “first act” as a candidate was an expression of support for Obamacare, and it’s no surprise the conservative ideologue wasn’t a fan.

Levine, a relative newcomer to the statewide arena, didn’t shy away from the Speaker. He instead invoked the left’s fundamental premise that everyone has a right to health care, blowing dust off an age-old argument.

Corcoran, who likely understands he can only say so much in 140 characters, bailed on the philosophical argument, but claimed Obamacare had failed. Then — in what a social media intern might describe as a brilliant flash of creativity — Corcoran introduced a condemning, alliterated hashtag: #LiberalLevine.

At face-value, these tweets are a glorified rap battle, but there are a few substantial takeaways beneath the surface. By not mentioning his candidacy for the Governor’s Mansion in a six-figure ad touting Obamacare across Florida, Levine is aligning himself with voters as an establishment Democrat before most are even aware he’s running.

Corcoran’s denouncement of the purchase also stands to question the Speaker’s intentions in the gubernatorial race. If he’s not running, what does he have to gain from tweeting at Levine?

He even asked the publisher of Florida Politics to moderate the debate.

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