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Congressman says Jack Latvala Senate investigation is a ‘sham’

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz thinks the Senate sexual harassment investigation into Sen. Jack Latvala is a “sham” and refused to speak to the attorney leading the investigation, according to a POLITICO Florida report.

“The Florida Senate’s ‘investigation’ into Senator Latvala is a sham. I will not validate it by participating,” Gaetz wrote in a letter to Gail Holtzman, the third-party investigator hired by Senate President Joe Negron.

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Gaetz said the Senate probe, which has been going on for about a month and has already prompted Sen. Lauren Book to file a complaint against Latvala for interfering with it, is not “serious” because it has not protected “those (Latvala) has harmed.”

“Accusers know it. Senators I’ve spoken know it. And so do I. Sad!” Gaetz wrote in the Nov. 30 letter.

Gaetz, who was the only Republican to go on record with POLITICO in early November when it reported six unnamed women were accusing Latvala of sexual harassment and groping, called the Clearwater Republican an “absolute hound.”

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  1. Interesting that the Congressman will not be interviewed by the Senate investigator, considering he is all too quick to be interviewed by the media regarding this issue. Maybe he realizes that there could actually be legal consequences if he lies about his “observations” to the investigators, as opposed to just lying to a news reporter about them. Come on, Junior. Why not tell the investigators what you “know”?

  2. Isn’t it interesting that the Congressman refuses to cooperate with an investigation that he claimed was so important just a month ago? He refuses to be interviewed by an investigator acting in a legal capacity, and who will document his statements and investigate their truth, yet he is quick to pick up the phone any time a reporter calls to ask him about it. Come on, Junior. Why not tell the investigators everything you “know”? I think we all know the real answer to that question.

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