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Greyhound racing-ban group releases more endorsements

The Protect Dogs-Yes on 13 campaign has announced more endorsements from civic organizations, animal welfare organizations, and local animal shelters.

The group is promoting passage of Amendment 13, put on the November ballot by the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC).


The proposal, which needs at least 60 percent approval to be added to the state constitution, aims at ending commercial dog racing in the state. In Florida, live dog racing is still conducted at 11 tracks.

“Amendment 13 has now won the support of 23 local animal shelters, 15 animal welfare organizations, and four civic groups including the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, the Florida Federation of Republican Women and League of Women Voters of Florida,” the campaign said in a news release.

“Protecting greyhounds is a rare issue that unites Republicans and Democrats,” said Jean Gonzalez Wingo, first vice president of the Florida Federation of Republican Women. “It’s time that we join other states and outlaw this cruel practice.”

The campaign’s latest list of endorsements is below:

— Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida

— Florida Federation of Republican Women

— League of Women Voters of Florida

— The Animal Law Section of The Florida Bar

— Animal Defense Coalition

— American Humane Animal Rights Foundation of Florida

— Best Friends Animal Society

— Big Cat Rescue

— Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare

— Doris Day Animal League

— Florida Association of Animal Welfare Organizations

— GREY2K USA Education Fund

— Humane Society Legislative Fund

— Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association

— Save the Animals Store

— South Florida Wildlife Center

— Alachua County Humane Society

— Humane Society of Broward County

Greyhound owners and breeders, who oppose the ban, have challenged the proposed amendment in court; a trial is set for next month in Tallahassee.


    1. No just very reputable organizations that support Common Sense animal legislation this is long overdue irregardless if you’re Republican or Democrat.

      1. Right, like grey2scum is reputable, and HSUS, who lost 15 million in a racketeering lawsuit, so upstanding

      2. And now a death threat on Twitter by a grey2k supporter, has been up for 19 hours and they say nothing. So apparently they condone it. This is the type of people pushing this scam amendment

    2. I had no idea the Republican Women’s group was for Hillary. You sure about that? Or is this another pro racing lie?

      1. The Democratic Progressive or whatever are a Communist fringe group, have no clue what the Republican leaders are, as for the ” humane societies” they kill 1000s of dogs animals yearly. Talk about lies, that’s what your side excels in, and no doubt many are vegan, banish ICE weirdos. Surely a great minority in society. Your head honcho is a documented liar and fraudster and conspiracy to blackmail. My what upstanding scum

    3. And now we find out the Yes on 13 loonies are AGAINST service dogs, as they tried to have the service dogs evicted at the Hob Nob the other night. Showing true colors, thieves that they are. This comes from the officers that were present, that’s right, yall are against the police too

    4. And what about your endorsers Big Cat Rescue, they are record for abusing the cats, and the cats are CONFINED 24 hours a day, and not one peep out of you hypocrits

  1. Animal cruelty isn’t a partisan issue. Stop trying to make it one. There are many Republicans who do not support hurting animals.

  2. Very reputable organizations of which some kill thousands of healthy animals every year, right. You do realize the fraud grey2k and their criminal cohorts have committed in the past. So you are ok with an agenda pushed by a group who tries to blackmail politicians if they don’t support their crooked agenda, who flat out lies for donations, who speaks at an ALF convention, who in Christian Science Monitor stated ” please give all you can, we can’t do it without you”. What they can’t do is live high on the hog while any animal gets less than 1% of their donations. They are fraudsters through and through. Nascar is on board with Vote No, they have more credibility than all those endorsements combined, and far more money too. Go to a track and farm and see for yourself the truth unless you are just another vegan koolaid drinker

    1. Been to a farm- not a very good place at all. Your vitriol makes you sound like a bitter owner? I will go with the Humane Society over NASCAR any day!

      1. The same Humane Society who lost 15 million in a racketeering case and had a sexual predator as the president. Ok, you can have them. Many, many NASCAR fans in Florida dearie, and NASCAR has never been convicted of racketeering, or anything else for that matter. What farm, and when were you there?

  3. The bums with grey2k Christine Dorchak and Carey Theiel are vial repulsive so called human beings these two unemployable bums have been scamming money from gullible people to draw huge salaries they are liars and running a grift to support themselves they should get themselves re asl jobs as nk do a bit of physical labor and if they really want to help volunteer at the children’s ward at the Dana Farber Children’s Cancer ward here in Boston close to where they live in their opulent suburban communitie om vulnerable peoples backs with the little puppies these two clowns are the shadiest people ever to come out of Boston since the Bulger group they rob as much as they did don’t buy their bull do some homework with this corrupt organization another George George Soros enterprise

    1. I’ve written before that since the racing industry really has no response when confronted with the inherent cruelty that comes along with the commodification and exploitation of helpless greyhounds for profit they have to fall back on killing the messenger. The problem here is that every day the list of messengers grows longer.

      Does anyone in the industry truly think that voters’ minds will be swayed by the continual vilification of people who disagree with you? I think even the FGA has figured that out.

      1. Well, what do you have to say about your endorser Big Cat Rescue, reports are coming out of abuse towards the cats, they are CONFINED 24 hours a day. Just like you say nothing about the humane societies who kill healthy animals every day. You people are hypocrites and we will continue to spread the truth of your lies, distortions and past fraud.

          1. Such frauds you people are, the POINT IS, Big Cat Rescue has abuse everywhere, the cats are confined, what you lie about greyhounds being subjected to such, yet BCR endorses your scam amendment, perhaps gives you money, and they are an upstanding organization, you and your ilk really are pathetic.

          2. Again, thank you, but I think you can stop now. Most people get it that the greyhound racing industry wants to talk about anything but the treatment of greyhounds.

          3. Just like more people every day are learning of the lies, deceit, and hypocrisy of your scam group. You won’t find any greyhound racing supporter speaking at an Animal Liberation Front convention, and that says it all. Anyone out there who doubts these people aren’t hypocrites and are in this for the money alone, google ” christine dorchak animal liberation front “, and ” grey2k blackmail west virginia” and you will see for yourself. Google ” Big Cat Rescue abuse” as well to see what frauds and hypocrites these people are.

  4. The same Humane Society who lost 15 million in a racketeering case and had a sexual predator as the president. Ok, you can have them. Many, many NASCAR fans in Florida dearie, and NASCAR has never been convicted of racketeering, or anything else for that matter. What farm, and when were you there?

  5. Animal advocates know that it is time to end greyhound racing in Florida. These dogs deserve better than a life of being caged, fed substandard food, and being at risk of injury and death every time they race. Since 2013, race tracks in Florida have reported almost 500 greyhound deaths to the state. All for the sake of “entertainment.”


  6. Any individual or organization, Democrat or Republican, will have no problem endorsing Amendment 13. These gentle dogs have suffered long enough and compassionate Floridians will gladly vote YES on 13 this November!

  7. As more and more reputable groups sign up to endorse the much needed campaign to end greyhound racing I’m noticing that the comments made by those in favor of greyhound racing are getting more and more crass with virtually no substance. If one has to resort to name calling to win an argument they have lost already.

    The writing is definitely on the wall with greyhound racing. It is going to come to an end in November because a civilized society does not want to pay money to watch dogs run around tracks while risking their lives in the process. The lobbyist for the greyhound racing industry may feel that greyhounds are disposable, which is beyond vile, but humans who actually care about the well being of animals know better.

    1. So it is ok to tell flat out lies in order to enrich one’s self? So it is to blackmail politicians if they won’t support your crooked agenda. You are delusional, the dogs LOVE TO RUN, tell you what Miss Stewart, if the dogs do not love to run, then why, when a retired racer goes back to the track, are they going nuts? Tell me, the dogs are not disposed of, they are ADOPTED. Also tell me, if you love animals so much, why arent’t you slamming horse racing. Horses die on the track, are kept in stalls all day. How about some answers, instead of the same old lies.

      You say our arguments have no substance, Dorchak being a documented liar isn’t substantive? That they think nothing of attempting blackmail isn’t substantive? Stealing pictures and altering them isn’t substantive? Tampering with drug tests isn’t substantive?

      Don’t start crowing just yet, your table at Hob Nob last night was a ghost town, while ours was most lively, and make no mistake the kennel visits are opening peoples eyes to the truth. Everytime I have talked to someone and they have HEARD the dogs are abused, but have never been to a track, a kennel, a farm. I don’t think you are going to win, even with the onslaught of lies and deceptive advertising to come. Did you read the Boston Herald opinion ? Have you heard the Ohio congressman on the floor talking about the dishonesty of grey2k? Or do you have a closed mind to evidence?

  8. I wonder how much cash (probably under the table) the terror group Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is donating? You know that Christine Dorchak, president of Grey2k USA Worldwide, is a featured speaker and hall of fame member of ALF.

    1. Yes, we do know that, of course grey2k lies about their affiliation with them as they lie about everything else.

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