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Andrew Gillum: Gwen Graham ‘in the mix’ for LG pick

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum and second-place finisher Gwen Graham ran tough campaigns against each other in the Democratic primary, but Gillum allowed Monday that Graham is “in the mix” for the Lieutenant Governor spot on the ticket.

The decision must be made by Thursday. Gillum is reportedly considering Graham, former U.S. Rep. Patrick MurphyLauren Book, state Reps. Kristin Jacobs and Amy Mercado, and Palm Beach County Mayor Melissa McKinlay.


Speaking to media Monday in Jacksonville, Gillum didn’t sound like he was done with his vetting process. Yet, despite the sometimes chippy nature of the primary sparring between the two camps, Graham (the presumptive nominee until the ballots started rolling in from metropolitan areas) could be on the ticket, Gillum said.

Gillum described the LG pick as his “number one priority at this time.”

“Gwen is in the mix, of course,” Gillum said. “I’d say anyone who ran for governor is also in the mix.”

Whether Gillum will ultimately pick Graham or another primary rival such as Philip Levine or Chris King, remains to be seen.

However, for those who believe the ticket would be stronger with Graham — a strong draw with moderates and Blue Dog Democrats — there is still hope.


    1. Commander Grimes former Congressional candidate and Gillum ally, is the man that can take on Commander Desantis on behalf of Gillum and get the military vote in South Florida where he resides, and throughout the state. Grimes & Gillum are unstoppable! Grimes should be his running mate. Hashtag this in your twitter. #G-Men #BringItHome

  1. The fact that he even has to consider anyone else with less stature does not impress me at all. He won because a few heavy bernie “progressive” counties worked hard for him. He cannot win the governorship with just these type progressives, so if he is smart he will pick a centrist who can appeal to center left and center right.

  2. It is so wonderful that so many Democrats voted but I noticed when I was waving a sign at the poll that one person at the poll said there were no governor candidates listed. Florida is a closed primary state so droves of voters haven’t seen names on the ballot. THAT NAME RECOGNITION IS KEY>let’s hope Gillum picks the choice that speaks to that voter and voters everywhere in Florida. Otherwise it costs 30 million to just get a name out there in this state. Everyone knows Graham’s name. The republicans always have the big money so Democrats have to do what we can. I’d say we need to use what we can.

  3. Go ahead and pick Graham…………and YOU will not see me vote for ANY democrats….

    Andrew Gillum ……………danced with Graham at the very first debate …look at Graham dancing before the camera was turned off….

    Andrew Gillum don’t be stupid….YOU won…and those who voted for you did not like Graham….YOU will be stupid and will give Ron D. the win by September 6, 5PM democrats will show you….

    1. Richard, let’s keep in mind this is the lieutenant governor and with Andrew young and apparently healthy, it is highly unlikely Gwen would become governor. I voted for Andrew and the history of lieutenant governors in this state advancing is minimal.

  4. Please do not pick an establishment politcian as your Lt. governor. It will water down your message. You won because you were unapologetic in support of progressive ideas. Choosing Graham will make you look like a hypocrite and/or playing establishment politics. I vote Amy Mercado!

  5. Commander Grimes former Congressional candidate and Gillum ally, is the man that can take on Commander Desantis on behalf of Gillum and get the military vote in South Florida where he resides, and throughout the state. Grimes & Gillum are unstoppable! Grimes should be his running mate. Hashtag this in your twitter. #G-Men #BringItHome

  6. This is a perfect match! I will vote this election for candidates who prioritize citizens over illegal aliens (bet you thought that was a given …not anymore), thosewho oppose sanctuary cities, amnesty and taxpayer funded in state college tuition discounts for illegals. That means NO Democrats. Gallup poll- 57% of Democrats now view socialism positively, little changed from 2010 survey.

    Liberal Democrat BILL NELSON and Socialist ANDREW GILLUM are running for Senate & Governor respectively. Nelson / Gillum both proudly supports abolishing ICE, sanctuary cities, amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, using taxpayer funds for illegal aliens & DACA. In addition, both are weak on border security and national defense.

    If you OPPOSE illegal immigration, taxpayer funds used for illegal aliens, sanctuary cities, amnesty r Please VOTE NO for BILL NELSON & ANDREW GILLUM this November….we can’t afford anymore Democrats.

    When you reward illegal immigration with jobs, amnesty, drivers licenses, discounts for college tuition, scholarships encourages MORE illegal entry.. Just debating DACA in congress is costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars….. thank the parents.

    The current migration at our southern border is costing taxpayers a
    Kings Ransom. Fleeing persecution? or fleeing for freebies? they sure
    don’t stay in Mexico when they reach “safety” or ask for political
    asylum in Mexico. Why? because Mexico will give them NOTHING. So they
    make the long journey to our border, our giving liberals and our tax

    Just a few examples of the more outrageous costs associated with illegal immigration, we will pass this burden on to our children and grand children as has been passed on to us

    *The cost of educating illegal aliens children is staggering. From K-12 it costs taxpayers $122,000 for EACH illegal alien student. This does not include the billions spent on bilingual education for illegal aliens.

    *Taxpayer are currently funding college tuition & expenses discounts
    for illegal aliens. Cost to taxpayers over a billion dollars annually.

    *Currently numerous Democrat city, and state officials are appropriating millions of taxpayer dollars for legal fees to to file law suits and in defense of illegal aliens being deported and to sue our own Government..

    *2016 illegal aliens sent home $62 BILLION in remittances back to their countries of origin. This is why Mexico is getting involved in our politics.

    *30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.Does not include local jails and State Prisons. At $21,000 per year expense per inmate in Federal Prison U do the math.

    *$3Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens, I repeat 3 MILLION a DAY to process Illegals in the Criminal justice system.

    *$2.2Billion dollars a year is spent on is spent on food assistanceprograms such as SNAP (food stamps) WIC, & free school

    1. You are one angry & misinformed person. Using statistics you don’t understand. Freely using words like “socialism”, you don’t understand.
      You’re not going to vote for a democrat.
      That’s your comment. Seems like you’re a putin plant. Well this isn’t the platform where you’ll get the audience you want.

    2. All these right wing trolls who yell socialism at Gillum & Democrats would not know a real socialist if one walked up and slapped them in the face.

  7. Funny, ironic even, that it doesn’t sound ” like Gillum is done with his vetting process” for LG. Gillum should have completed an honest introspective vetting process of himself before he decided to seek the Florida Democratic Gubernatorial nomination. Know a man by his track record, not the promises he makes, the visions he shares. Hubris, to aspire to higher office, when one has some much dirty laundry left to clean up where they now serve. Sad that a good chance to return Florida to sane governance with be sacrificed because the hat tossed into the ring, was tossed by unclean hands.

  8. That’s just a big fat bunch of Trump-loving b.s. You are clearly ignorant about the difference between the democratic socialism movement active in many highly successful European countries versus the autocratic socialism emblematic of the former Union of Soviet Social Republics (USSR) as well as the two countries your racist candidate Ron DeSantos mentioned in his nasty tweet on Day One of the race to November.

    1. How good were her results. … understand I am not anti Graham and hope he finds a place for her where she plays a real role in the administration. I’m just not sure she is the best choice for LG to get a victory in November.

  9. Gwen Graham campaigned without so many negative ads in the primary elections; she has legislative experience and stature; and the fact she is less progressive than Andrew Gillum will bring balance to the ticket. Her gender will also help to attract women and those who have already voted for her, as she already has name recognition.

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