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In new ad, Ashley Moody stresses prosecutor experience over Sean Shaw

A new television ad by Republican Attorney General candidate Ashley Moody stresses her experience as a prosecutor — and her Democrat opponent’s lack thereof.

“My opponent, Sean Shaw, never prosecuted a case,” Moody says in the ad. “His first one shouldn’t be as Attorney General.”

The video advertisement will broadcast in media markets around the state and represents the first TV ad of the general election cycle for Moody, according to the campaign.

The message focuses on the law enforcement duties for the attorney general’s office. Moody stresses her background fighting crime as a prosecutor and as a circuit court judge.

“Florida’s Attorney General handles thousands of cases. The job needs a prosecutor, not a politician,” she says in the ad.

“As a prosecutor, I took criminals down. As a judge, I locked them up.”

The ad also notes 90 percent of Florida sheriffs endorsed Moody in the statewide race. That includes a number of Democratic sheriffs who endorsed Moody over Shaw.

The messaging also shows the contrast between Moody and Shaw, a Tampa area state representative who has promised to be more of an activist Attorney General if elected.

Shaw has promised to fight for greater gun regulations and the repeal of the Stand Your Ground law, while using the office to demand the Florida Legislature properly fund public education and land conservation funds.

A survey conducted by St. Pete Polls for Florida Politics earlier this month shows Moody with a 46- to 44-percent lead over Shaw, with 9 percent undecided.

Meanwhile, a Florida Chamber of Commerce poll released this week shows Shaw up on Moody 35- to 33-percent, with 20 percent undecided.

Moody in August defeated fellow Republican Frank White in the GOP primary, while Shaw defeated Ryan Torrens on the Democratic side.

Through Sept. 21, Moody had raised $3.15 million in campaign contributions, while Shaw had raised $1.2 million.

A media tracking service shows there is as much as $5 million behind this buy: $4 million via “three-packing” and $1 million from Moody’s campaign.

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  1. Ashley Moody, for your information, having sheriffs back you is a big NEGATIVE. Somehow, maybe because of their sheriff associations, their badges have been tarnished due to their blind loyalties to the republican party, regardless of the candidate. Bear in mind, sheriffs back Trump despite all his legal entanglements; the sheriffs back Rick Scott even though he led a company that STOLE untold millions from the government. Scott now boasts that he showed leadership by paying 1.7 billion dollars in fines connected to that case. Also, it has been reported that Scott’s wealth grew by $83 million this year alone. Why???

    As sorry as Adam Putnam was as a candidate, the sheriffs backed him over a big group of democratic candidates for governor. Putnam loss to a ‘just as pathetic’ rival – Deranged DeSantis. So what do the sheriffs do, they in lock step run to DeSantis.

    The rank and file law enforcement officers are not caring who their sheriffs support and neither do we.

    Ashley, have at it, tout your endorsements by sheriffs. We, in turn, will have at it by saying, “Who gives a damn.”

  2. Ashley, aren’t you a big admirer of Pam Bondi, the state’s WORST Attorney General? This one point alone signifies that you are not attorney general material.

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