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‘Don’t come to my state and talk trash about my city’: Andrew Gillum pushes back against Donald Trump

Andrew Gillum

It took less than a day for Hurricane Michael to make partisan sparks fly.

Democratic candidate for Governor Andrew Gillum took to Twitter Monday evening to respond to vague criticisms offered by President Donald Trump earlier in the day at a stop in Orlando.

“Don’t come to my state and talk trash about my city while we are preparing for a Category 3 hurricane,” Gillum wrote in a tweet addressed to Trump. “We need a partner right now, not a partisan.”

Gillum was referencing comments made by Trump during an exclusive interview with WFTV’s Christopher Heath following the president’s remarks at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Convention.

Trump, who endorsed Republican gubernatorial nominee Ron DeSantis and rallied alongside the former congressman in Tampa ahead of the primary election, praised DeSantis and criticized Gillum, along with his tenure as Mayor of Tallahassee — all without directly mentioning Gillum or the capital city.

“[DeSantis’] opponent runs a place that has a lot of problems and I know it very well, but it’s got a lot of problems, tremendous corruption, tremendous crime,” Trump told Heath.

Trump also suggested Gillum “runs an area and a city that’s got among the worst statistics in the country and certainly in the state.”

When it comes to crime, Trump may have been referring to reports released that have shined an unfavorable light on Tallahassee.

One report, which reviewed data from the FBI Uniform Crime Report, found Tallahassee had 767 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents in 2015, far more than in any of Florida’s 21 other metro areas observed by the FBI. Another report, which only examined FBI statistics on property crime, found Tallahassee had 52 property crimes per 1,000 residents, making it the tenth-worst city in the country for crimes such as burglary or larceny

Those stats are nothing new. Leon County, which houses Tallahassee, has had the highest crime rate in the state since 2014, although Gillum has recently pointed to 2017 — which saw the lowest crime rate in the county since 2013 —as evidence that the area is improving.

Hurricane Michael is currently tracking toward the Panhandle and Big Bend regions. It is expected to make landfall somewhere between Pensacola and Panama City, possibly as a category 3 hurricane on Tuesday night or Wednesday. Tallahassee is expected to be affected by the storm, and many state offices have closed their doors in preparation.

Gillum spent Monday in Tallahassee prepping residents for Hurricane Michael’s arrival.

Hurricanes have become a topic of contention in the race for Governor, with DeSantis hitting Gillum over the amount of time Tallahassee residents went without power in the wake of Hurricane Hermine in 2016 — Republicans claim the wait time could have been trimmed if outside workers waiting to help restore power to the city were allowed to pitch in on the effort.

Despite negative ads placing the blame on Gillum, he was not empowered to make that call.


    Vote Republican
    No Socialism
    No open borders
    No Sanctuary cities
    We support ICE

    Nothing is FREE. is Gillium going to pay for your medical coverage? I don’t think so. The money will come from raising taxes. This gives all less money to spend. So stores will close. People will lose jobs . Now even more people have less money to spend. More and more stores closed. More lost jobs and more people go hungry. Now we are starving like Venezuela.
    No Socialism in FL
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    1. Wow … To quote you, “Now even more people have less money to spend. More and more stores closed. More lost jobs and more people go hungry.” Yes, and do you realize this has all happened under a Republican-run FL government. Scott is $83M richer this year … but we aren’t. Have you asked why?

    2. Republicans support there own agenda, don’t care about no one but themselves. lining there pockets, ignoring the environment and stripping people of their health care. We the people don’t support this rule and it will show in the midterms. Bye red, hello BLUE!!!

    3. Jan wouldn’t know a real socialist if one walked up and slapped her in the face. Just because a democratically elected government provides services and benefits to its citizens does not make it socialist.

    4. Vote blue save Florida…it been red too long … needs a change.. get that blue 🌊 wave going… ever vote counts vote blue…make Florida great again 😂😂😂 in45 voice ….😂 but please vote blue get these clowns out of office..vote vote

    5. your research on Gillum’s firm plans stop at the point it no longer supports your argument. His agenda does not include taxing the citizenry. Though why would you argue about the collective contribution to saving our environment or paying teachers what they deserve. YOU have benefited greatly from tax dollars! It does include taxing many large, rich corporations that have translated Trump’s lower corporate tax rate into purchasing back their own stock and higher bonuses and salaries for the corporate elite. Rather than enriching the rank and file. Your mind is made up. But facts remain regardless of wishful thinking. Truth not lies!

    6. I sincerely hope that hurricane takes you, your family, your home and everything you own! People with as much HATE , RACISM and BIGOTRY in them as YOU deserve NOTHING and do NOT belong among HUMANITY!!

      1. “I hate you so much I hope you and your family dies” lmao what a joke, go back to New York or whatever shithole you came here from. Florida doesn’t need shitters like you

    7. You are starving? really? Don’t want health coverage for women? Want to vote for folks who think sexual assault is ok? What will change your mind about that? when (not if) it happens to a friend or family member?

    8. Taxes have ALWAYS gone up no matter what.It goes to big pharma and insurance and fossil fuel in the form of billions in TAX money subsidies,or,maybe,you get a tiny sliver pemporarily.Wake up!Now,what was your point?

    9. Hope whatever meds you must be taking for your serious delusional disorder don’t make you accidentally choke on your fascist tongue. That would be “Sad!”.

  2. Vote Democrat and save Florida. Stop the parasites from controlling Florida for the REAL CHANGE that is needed. Republicans will further destroy what little safe water left in a state that is so water filled it is sad. Wake up please people. Stop listening to the HATE speeches from the republicans. Republicans are nothing more than poison

  3. No to socialism. That’s the reason for Cubans, Venezuelan and other socialists country move here. If you like socialism that much move over there.

    1. I know it’s a waste of time but try real hard to think about what you are saying, oh narrow minded one. You are ignorant, and your angry, because you have failed yourself. Your response is childish, and that comes from a desire to simplify everything. Why don’t you take your happy pill and shut up.

    1. President Trump’s numerous calls for “unity” have fallen on the left’s deaf ears. All he’s received in return from the left has been hate and insults. ANTIFA, the paramilitary arm of the left, spews nothing but hate. The liberal MSM’s narrative is nothing but hate. And you have the audacity to claim Republicans are hateful? You are most certainly mentally deranged.

      1. Unity my ass! He utters divisiveness and bullying vitriol every single day. He has a habit of saying things that he thinks sound good in the moment with NO action to support his words. This includes any words he may have uttered in unity. He is the reason there is no unity!

  4. Socialism and communism is human genocide on a massive scale.
    There is no new ideas those who do not know history stupid enough repeated

  5. Its very simple:

    If you want more Red Tide on your beaches, the continue voting red.

    If you want the oceans to return to their natural state, vote blue.

    Blue Wave>Red Tide

    Republicans have sold out Florida’s natural beauty and resourcefulness in exchange for perceived profit….all at your expense.

  6. If you don’t like what has happened to Florida, remember these 2 FACTS!
    Republican Governor since 1999.
    Republican majority State Legislature since 1992.

    Look it up!
    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over and over, but always expecting a different outcome.

  7. Gillum is a joke. He’s been bad for Tallahassee and he’ll be bad for Florida. Total puppet for George Soros who is funding his campaign, and the left wing snowflakes who wants to ruin this country. Remember Gillum has said he’ll initiate a 40% state tax rate. He must be crazy!

  8. The ignorance on the right is appalling These people enjoy working to enrich the Republicans who laugh at their stupidity.. As their President has said-“I love the uneducated” .. A sucker is born every minute, they vote Republican

  9. You ppl blame a 92 year old holocaust survivor for everything and don’t have a clue about everything. Can’t blame Hillary, can’t blame Obama, ok let’s blame Soros now!
    You have no problem Robles with the Koch brothers or citizens united though. How about that horrific institution called the NRA? What a bunch of lesser offs you are!

  10. I sincerely hope that hurricane takes you, your family, your home and everything you own! People with as much HATE , RACISM and BIGOTRY in them as YOU deserve NOTHING and do NOT belong among HUMANITY!!

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