Ron DeSantis again vows no children’s COVID-19 vax mandate in Florida
Ron DeSantis. Image via AP. File photo.

DeSantis AP
'As long as I'm kicking and screaming ...'

Florida’s Governor is still a hard no on mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for school children in the Sunshine State.

Gov. Ron DeSantis rebuked the latest guidance from a panel of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommends that coronavirus vaccines be added to the Vaccines for Children program.

This reportedly would not make the vaccines mandatory.

The CDC lacks the power to require vaccines for school children, notes the Washington Post, with that power being ceded to states and localities.

Yet for an aggrieved DeSantis, the CDC even “potentially” considering such an add was a step in the wrong direction nonetheless.

“I know a lot of parents are concerned about that, because if that’s on the immunization schedule, then the fear is that schools could potentially mandate your child to get a COVID shot even if that’s something you don’t want to do,” DeSantis said.

“As long as I’m kicking and screaming, there will be no COVID shot mandates for your kids,” DeSantis affirmed to applause. “That is your decision to make as a parent.”

DeSantis cast doubt on the latest booster offering from Novavax, deriding the product as “new shots.”

“I get a kick out of it when people kind of compare it to (measles, mumps, and rubella shots) and things that have been around for decades and decades. Parents, by and large, most parents in Florida have opted against doing these booster shots particularly for young kids,” DeSantis added.

He noted that Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo “does not recommend” COVID-19 shots for “young kids, for kids under 18.”

“Basically his reason for that is that it’s not really been a proven benefit,” DeSantis said. “We can get into some of the potential side effects, we don’t need to do that.”

Ladapo has articulated his strenuous objections to the COVID-19 shot of late.

“Regardless of what the CDC votes on whether COVID-19 vaccines are added to routine child immunizations – nothing changes in Florida,” he tweeted Wednesday.

He took his anti-vax arguments to the Q-adjacent X22 Report podcast this week also.

“I just don’t know where the corruption ends,” he said of the recommendation.

A.G. Gancarski

A.G. Gancarski has written for since 2014. He is based in Northeast Florida. He can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter: @AGGancarski


  • Josh Green

    October 20, 2022 at 1:54 pm

    This is good news honestly. Dumb adults raise dumb kids, and dumb kids grow up to become dumb adults, who then raise more dumb kids.
    If these dumb parents won’t take basic measures to protect their own kids from Covid, then these dumb kids won’t live long enough to become dumb adults.

    • Andrea

      October 21, 2022 at 1:14 pm

      You have the right to vaccinate or not vaccinated (Covid)…& if you choose to & someone else chooses not to, then you are the dumb adult b/c if you feel you’re protected, then you should have nothing to worry about…unvaccinated will not be getting you sick…BTW, I’m vaccinated (even the bivalent), however I do believe it’s a parents choice for their child(ren)…I have 1 child vaccinated up & 1 who chose not to get the vaccine…I respect each of their decisions & btw they are both honor students who do their research (one who is pre-med)…NC has NO vaccine mandate (of any kind) for their students…instead of name calling, do what’s right for you & your family & leave others to their own families…everyone’s situations are different…

  • Tom

    October 20, 2022 at 2:14 pm

    I didn’t vaccinate my kids and they died. DeSantis said we have that freedom. Also freedom to hunker down and die in hurricanes. Freedom to terrorize the Capitol and spread dangerous false information. Most GOP in the community have the freedom to grift stupid people to death and pay their employees nothing. Life is good for Republican plantation owners here in Florida. Freedom for the rich and freedom t-shirts for everyone else.

    • Tom

      October 21, 2022 at 8:20 am

      Manure Joey Corsin, you are a fucking ass hole, you piece of shit. Your mother is a whore! U Scum bag.

      From Real Tom the legend!

    • Tom

      October 21, 2022 at 8:20 am

      Manure Joey Corsin, you are a fucking ass hole, you piece of shit. Your mother is a whore! U Scum bag.

      From Real Tom the legend!

    • Rita

      October 21, 2022 at 10:31 am

      You nailed it! I used to be a Republican. I am Independent now mainly because of the Covid issues and how politicized they were rather than all of us cooperating together to do the right things, the protocol at the least. I have never recommended vaccines or not recommended them, but at least to do the Covid protocol which most Republicans refused to do and continue to refuse. They follow their misinformed leaders and now Q?

    • Andrea

      October 21, 2022 at 1:16 pm

      Girstly, sorry for your loss, however, Maybe that’s not Florida’s fault….if you as a grown up make decisions for your children on a daily basis, then you could/should of made your own decision as to vaccinations or not.

    • Jesse

      October 21, 2022 at 1:55 pm

      Why do hostile? Parents make decisions for their kids. This is not like it was in Covid onset. You have no idea what these vaccines might damage long term to your kids.

    • Karen Martinez

      October 21, 2022 at 2:04 pm

      I’m sorry for your loss but it was your choice to not vaccinate your children. That’s the point. The freedom of choice. He’s not saying parents can’t get their kids the COVID shot but that it should NOT be mandated . It always should be up to a parent to do their own research and talk to their own trusted doctors to make the choices for their families. This shot doesn’t “protect” anyone else except for allegedly the person who gets it. And it has been proven countless times that that isn’t even the case. There are also major side effects to the shot up to and including death that should be taken into account. So you need to decide is the risk worth it? Children under 18 typically have a very minute chance of dying from COVID unless they have other major health conditions that they have a higher chance of dying from the shot itself or having major irreversible side effects from it. So before you bash DeSantis for wanting to allow parents to be allowed to make choices for their own children take a minute and think about the freedoms you are talking about giving up. I’m not okay with a government entity telling me what I have to put into my body especially something that has no data on long term effects yet now has lots of data of major negative side effects and hundreds of deaths caused by it.

  • PeterH

    October 20, 2022 at 2:55 pm

    Fun Facts:

    The failed COVID policies of DeSantis and Ladapo are adding fuel to today’s COVID variants.

    Republican Bobby Jindal warned Republicans not to be labeled “the Party of Stupid!”

    Let’s keep in mind that today in Florida there are:
    1,400 Active NEW COVID cases! Most are unvaccinated.
    1,500 FLORIDA COVID patients are in the hospital….most are unvaccinated.
    182 Floridians are currently in intensive care …. most are unvaccinated.
    32 FLORIDIANS DIE OF COVID DAILY. Most are unvaccinated.

    Per capita there are more COVID deaths in Florida than in California.

    • Tom

      October 21, 2022 at 8:27 am

      You peter h are a complete ass!
      Everything you say are lies.
      Gov DeSantis is correct to not require or mandate unknown vaccines upon children!

      Fauci and Biden killed a million Americans! Biden, Harris, AOC, Sanders destroyed American economy for the zealotry extremism of the no green deal.

      You and Lincoln are a corrupt Org.

      DeSantis, America’s Gov saved Florida and will save America!

      Not every crack pot vaccine must be adopted! In light of Pfizer’s testimony last week, it’s clear Fauci lied to all.

      Peter h you are a corrupt pathetic bastard.

      • RJ

        October 21, 2022 at 10:04 am

        This is not a “vaccine”, and the government, CDC and WHO knows it. A true vaccine must go through years & years of testing and trials, this has not. This is an experimental who knows what, and there is no way I’ll put it into the arms of my children!

        • Rita

          October 21, 2022 at 10:36 am

          Where do you get the idea that a TRUE vaccine has to go through years of testing and trials? Trump had this vaccine fast tracked so more time was devoted to it in a concentrated effort to get it done. mRNA technology has been around for over 30 years! Please stop relying on conspiracy or YouTube sources and do some real and honest research from actual scientific sources. Try going to the LIBRARY!

          • RJ

            October 21, 2022 at 11:48 am

            You are correct in the fact that rMNA research has been around for over 30 years, but it is still a questionable technology. And yes, the vaccine was fact-tracked, but what there any long-term effects 2, 5, or even 10 years down the road? Do you know? No, no one does yet. Do you seriously trust everything the government tells you??? As far as doing my research, I have done EXTENSIVE research on the pros AND cons of the vaccine. I stated my opinion above, which is just that, MY opinion. It is not politically motivated in any way, as I don’t identify with any party, I’m going STRICTLY on countless hours of research. Everyone should always do their own research, dig into those very boring papers from the CDC, etc, then do what’s best in YOUR opinion. Keep in mind others can have different opinions, RESPECT that!


          • Mabel

            October 30, 2022 at 1:22 pm

            Going to the library doesn’t seem to have worked for you.

    • Edward A Hara

      October 21, 2022 at 9:40 am

      How is it that you are not aware of the absolutely DREADFUL side effects of this so-called “vaccine.” How do you live in a world of electronic freedom and not find the statistics which show that people are dying left and right from this jab? How does one become as blind as you are?

    • Rita

      October 21, 2022 at 10:33 am

      I agree 100%. Per Statistica, Florida is ranked #7 in the nation for Covid cases/deaths/hospitaizations.

    • Angi

      October 21, 2022 at 10:49 am

      Where can I locate this information you list?

    • Margaret

      October 21, 2022 at 11:30 am

      Just an FYI. There are young people and old who have passed on and labeled natural causes which I don’t believe oh and yes they have gotten covid vaccines
      I’m a proud republican I stand proud for what DeSantis has done for our state
      The choice is mine not to vaccinate

      • Andrea

        October 21, 2022 at 1:21 pm

        Agree…& as the Liberal Left puts it when it comes to “murder of unborn babies, who have heartbeats), ‘my body, my choice’,: I wonder why when Republicans choose that statement Devilcraps, I mean Democrats don’t agree…hmmm

    • Kenneth Hoffman

      October 21, 2022 at 1:36 pm

      And there are STILL issues about medical institutes receiving money for saying people are dying of Covid when there are more comorbidities on their records than a Walmart shopping wish list. Depends what you believe and who you are listening to — I prefer to listen to all discussions and make my decisions from that.

  • martin

    October 20, 2022 at 3:38 pm

    Gov. Ron is presidential material!

    • Impeach Biden

      October 20, 2022 at 8:27 pm

      No! He’s KING material.
      I honestly think we should build a temple to worship him and install him as ruler for life. He’s just that incredible.

  • Beth

    October 20, 2022 at 3:43 pm

    Big tough guy doesn’t care if children drop dead, he has to act like an ignorant red neck fool to impress his Neanderthal trump friends. The jerk will do or say anything for money or power no matter who gets hurt. He really should have paid attention in science class after his dad paid all that money to get him into college.

    • Kenneth Hoffman

      October 21, 2022 at 1:48 pm

      Beth, DeSantis has three children and I don’t really think he would want to endanger them for his political position. There are hundreds of prestigious doctors — some of them being pediatricians — who believe there is little or no benefit from juvenile Covid vaccinations. Medical journals lean toward what Lapado and Desantis are saying. I will tell you what I told someone the other day — have you ever thought of moving to another state, or for that matter another country? You REALLY sound like a “very knowledgeable” transplant.

    • KB

      October 21, 2022 at 2:18 pm

      What I don’t understand is why on earth ANYONE would have an issue that a politician actually is pushing the idea of freedom to make a choice. It’s mind boggling. Governor DeSantis has been an advocate for freedom from Dsy 1 and isn’t that what this country is supposed to be about? And Neanderthal? Far from it. He is well educated, well spoken and served our country. If only the people who currently hold offices in the federal government were half as good as Governor DeSantis in preserving the American way, which is freedom. If I wanted the government to tell me how to live my life, how to raise my children and what chemicals to put in my body I would move to a communist country. I’m sure glad I live Florida and was aloud to go about my life freely during the pandemic unlike a state like New York where people where locked down and businesses were closed. Suicide rates went up over 200% during lockdowns. But hey they didn’t die of COVID.

  • N. Hughes

    October 20, 2022 at 3:52 pm

    Two more years as Governor, then Ron DeSantis for President. GO Ron and have a fine Navy day!

  • B

    October 20, 2022 at 4:46 pm

    Worst Governor in History by FAR!!!

    • Kenneth Hoffman

      October 21, 2022 at 1:57 pm

      Are you a native Floridian or “transplant”? If you ARE a native or even someone who has been here for more than a few decades, your memory may be a little fuzzy or gone. There have been some really bad governors in Florida’s history. Sounds like the person who said the “insurrection on the Capital” was the worse “assault on our democracy” in history. That raised the ire of people who know thier history a little bit better than someone who want to use the phrase “in history.”

  • Frankie M.

    October 20, 2022 at 5:17 pm

    No let’s get into it. Compare & contrast these side effects with getting covid.

    “We can get into some of the potential side effects, we don’t need to do that.”

  • Ben

    October 20, 2022 at 5:23 pm

    Thank you governor. Everyone knows these so called vaccines don’t stop anymore from getting covid. Why should children be forced to alter their DNA for something that does more harm than good? There news reports daily of young people suddenly dropping dead and the only common de numerator is the so called vaccine. It’s your choice to vaccinate or not but don’t force it on innocent children just ti line phyzer’s pockets.

    • PeterH

      October 20, 2022 at 5:32 pm

      The vaccine DOES NOT alter your DNA. Your entire statement is a fake news, wingnut conspiracy theory.

      • Jonah

        October 20, 2022 at 5:59 pm

        How about prove YOUR statement. From sources that aren’t biased by the industry that’s pushing the substances?

        Ya – it doesn’t exist. Yet a number of scientists NOT controlled by pharma have made serious questions about what it really does to you.

        Don’t forget. They lied about it protecting grandma, and about the danger to kids, and about the effectiveness about early intervention…

        • PeterH

          October 20, 2022 at 6:29 pm

          A QUESTION is not PROOF is it? We know what this vaccine AND ANY VACCINE does…… a vaccine depletes the impact of the virus on the body. We’ve known this for decades.

          COVID vaccination WILL BE REQUIRED BY SCHOOLS ……just like other vaccines will be required. Neither DeSantis, Ladapo OR YOU…..are epidemiology trained scientist.

          • Angie

            October 21, 2022 at 9:49 am

            Call it a shot. It is not a vaccine. A vaccine prevents you from getting a disease. I know more people who have gotten Covid who have received 4 shots. Remember the Covid shot is for emergency use. We still do not know the long term effects it will have.

        • Peggy

          October 20, 2022 at 8:29 pm

          LOL, Jonah.
          You sound just like my cousin. He was spouting the same uninformed conspiratorial nonsense just before he died from Covid in intensive care. It didn’t seem like a fun way to die, and he said he wished he gotten the vaccince has he layed dying and left his kids fatherless.

        • Josh Green

          October 20, 2022 at 8:35 pm

          You’re the one making the contrary claim, you idiot.
          It’s on YOU to prove it alters your DNA, not the other way around.

          And no, links to the Joe Rogan podcast don’t count.

  • Russell

    October 21, 2022 at 9:38 am

    Look at who is dead/dying and who is not. Unvaccinated people die more. DeSantis /Ladapo own the death of every unvaccinated person.

  • Rita

    October 21, 2022 at 10:38 am

    Where do you get the idea that a TRUE vaccine has to go through years of testing and trials? Trump had this vaccine fast tracked so more time was devoted to it in a concentrated effort to get it done. mRNA technology has been around for over 30 years! Please stop relying on conspiracy or YouTube sources and do some real and honest research from actual scientific sources. Try going to the LIBRARY!

  • Dr Bill Hopkins

    October 21, 2022 at 10:59 am

    Yale graduate found in Florida with entire frontal lobe sucked out by aliens. Lobotomy demeanor ingratiates public, voted governor!

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