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Email insights: Ron DeSantis, “Taxpayer Superhero”

It’s unknown what his actual superpower is, yet an email from the Ron DeSantis for Senate campaign proclaims the Ponte Vedra congressman to be a “taxpayer superhero,” at least according to the reckoning of Council for Citizens against Government Waste.

DeSantis is one of eight members of Congress to get a perfect score from the taxpayer watchdog group. The man he hopes to succeed as Florida’s junior senator, Marco Rubio, got the same mark.

““Spend-happy politicians in Washington love to spend other people’s money even though our country is more than $18 trillion in debt and many programs don’t even work. I will continue to fight for taxpayers and to advocate for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution,” DeSantis wrote in the email.

Meanwhile, CCAGW President Tom Schatz lauded DeSantis and Rubio for their “courageous votes to cut wasteful spending and make government more accountable.”

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