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Terry Fields enters House District 14 race

Terry Fields has filed to run in House District 14 to succeed Mia Jones, running against Leslie Jean-Bart.

Fields finished third in the District 8 first election in March, just 2 points behind runoff finalist Pat Lockett-Felder, who ended up losing the election to Katrina Brown.

Fields, a Democratic Party stalwart, was the leading fundraiser in the District 8 race, but succumbed, in what was considered a mild upset by some at the time.

Fields, after losing, went on to endorse Lockett-Felder.

“District 8 needs someone that will fight for our community the way Denise Lee has the past eight years. We need someone who has the EXPERIENCE to step into the job immediately. Pat will work hard for all of us like she did during her previous eight years serving on City Council. Pat will serve you and will not let other politicians or special interest groups tell her what to do!”

A former member of the Florida House and of Jacksonville’s City Council, Fields’ entry on Friday ensures a lively race. One might expect that the Lockett-Felder/Denise Lee political axis may lend the 55-year-old longshoreman some support also, in ways that can’t be immediately foreseen, against Jean-Bart, who is backed by the Corrine Brown political machine.

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  1. I feel that everybody running for HD14 is great but we need young blood in office like Leslie John-Barr.Not a politician like terry or Kimberly.I mean they are both good people but it’s time for new blood.I know exactly what I’m talking about I may be 14 but I’m know the political arena.

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