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A voter referendum for Uber/Lyft in Jacksonville?

At least one Jacksonville official says the 904 should follow the lead of Austin, Texas when it comes to how to regulate ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft.

City Councilman John Crescimbeni said all he’s calling for is a level playing field.

“Either everybody plays by the rules, or we just get rid of the rules altogether,” Crescimbeni told WJCT. “And just let the citizens, the riders, worry about how safe the vehicles are.”

Voters in Austin last week upheld stricter regulations on app-based vehicles for hire, causing Uber and Lyft to pause operations in that city.

Crescimbeni, who has received campaign support from traditional taxi companies in the past, expressed frustration with the relative lack of progress on the issue in Jacksonville, despite the fact that a council Vehicles for Hire Special Committee has been meeting for months.

“Do we regulate this industry at all? Maybe we don’t. And if we do regulate, are we compelled to make the rules apply for everybody?” he said.

A ballot initiative on the ride-hailing issue would require a change to the city’s charter.


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  1. Interesting how your articles repeatedly mention campaign contributions by the taxi companies but never mention the contributions made by these multi-billion dollar ride-sharing companies done through their discreet methods. Why are you not focused on the real issue here? Do some research and you will discover the hundreds of sexual assault and other crimes these driver have been involved in. Have you asked these companies why they oppose fingerprint background checks (the most reliable and accurate method of conducting background checks)? And yes, I’m a taxi guy.

  2. There needs to be level playing on background checks as well as fare pricing and driver compensation. Uber has driven fares to such a low point that drivers do not maintain vehicle safety measures. Oil changes, tires, brakes, are all worn beyond the limitations. You wpuld hope, as I found, that the drivers would find other jobs, but many are desparate… And in the end, someone will lose their life.

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