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Janet Adkins’ campaign sign defaced with swastika in Nassau County

State Rep. Janet Adkins is in a contentious race for Nassau County School Superintendent.

The Republican is the fundraising leader, yet is facing real competition.

Along with that competition, some unsavory campaign tactics from someone opposed to Adkins’ campaign have surfaced, as evidenced by a Facebook post in which a sign of hers was defaced with a swastika and a Hitler-esque mustache painted above her upper lip.

Adkins took to Facebook to decry the tactic on Monday.

“HATE SPEECH — The continued cyberbullying by my opponent’s campaign operatives continues to result in acts of violence against our campaign signs, we have had three stolen and a knife take to others. The use of cyberbullying tactics to attack myself and our family business are an example of what is wrong. I will promise to lead a comprehensive campaign aimed at cyberbullying, this is what leads to acts of hate and violence.”

Adkins offered an extended statement upon request.

“The political “hate speech” is an effort to vandalize and deface my campaign signs and is part of the organized smear campaign directed by my opponent’s campaign operatives.” said Janet Adkins.

“The online cyber bullying that has been allowed by the administrators on ‘Nassau County Rants and Raves’ has fueled the hate speech’ that my opponent and her operatives have approved. While campaigns and elections are contests of ideas and differences, it goes without saying that when people encourage and promote the use of ‘hate speech’ it results in a loss for all of us,” Adkins continued.

“My campaign has continued to see signs stolen and vandalized; and voters being intimidated. I have not responded to the cyber bullying and believe that it creates a toxic environment that results in violence against property and intimidation of voters.” said Adkins, who vowed to “focus on bullying, hazing and cyber bullying as a top priority in addressing school safety issues in Nassau County Public Schools.”

The incidents have been reported to law enforcement.


  1. This wasn’t done by Adkins opponent or anyone that supports her. Adkins has been slinging mud from the beginning as typical politicians do. Now she’s trying to get sympathy because she’s not going to win. Ruis has been superintendent in this county for a very long time. He only stepped down because Burns agreed to run. We want a career educator. We are sick of politicians. Adkins will have to find her next paycheck somewhere else. I supported Adkins before but now she’s gone too far.

  2. First of all, I am one of the admins on Nassau County, Florida… Rants, Raves, and Reviews. We do not condone this sort of behavior. There are over 8000 members on this page. We cannot control what people do away from the screen.

    Secondly, Kathy Burns is an honest Christian woman who would never ever encourage her supporters to vandalize and deface other candidates property. She runs a clean positive campaign.

  3. This happens EVERY election year with her signs! It has nothing to do with this particular opponent. It is reported to the police and It makes the local newspaper every time. (It is a criminal act) BUT Adkins needs to stop her OWN mud slinging. I am a republican and supported Adkins in the past. But not anymore…this is NOT the job for you.

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