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Richard Corcoran says Donald Trump is ‘repugnant’

curujrwweaasoiaLeaders of the Republican Party nationwide are breaking from Donald Trump after his recently reported comments from a 2005 interview, in which he seems to describe sexual assault.

Among those for whom this is the end: Designated Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran, who blasted Trump on Twitter Saturday night.

Corcoran said Trump’s comments are “just another repugnant continuation” of not being a “credible conservative” and an example of his “questionable character.”

Then Corcoran went further, standing — as the next Speaker — “in revolt against the political culture of leaders who campaign one way and govern another.”

America “needs leaders who know what they believe and are courageously willing to fight for their principles regardless of the cost — sadly, neither major party candidate meets that standard.”

With Trump set to debate Sunday night, facing the specter of a party that finally, after over a year of indignities, seems to be rising up to purge him, it will be worth watching if more Florida Republicans jump off the Trump Train before it entirely derails.

Meanwhile, for whom will Corcoran, and other Republicans, vote?

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