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Kim Daniels: ‘Put prayer back in school’ was first to tell you about Rep. Kim Daniels‘ bill in the Florida House to put religious expression back in schools.

House Bill 303, the “Florida Student and School Personnel Religious Liberties Act,” would ban school districts “from discriminating against students, parents, & school personnel on basis of religious viewpoints or expression,” and would require a school district “to adopt limited public forum policy & deliver a disclaimer at school events.”

Daniels’ bill has since acquired a sponsor in the Florida Senate, with Ocala Republican Dennis Baxley filing Senate Bill 436.

Neither the Daniels nor the Baxley bill addresses, in specific language, what the measure’s real intent was.

However, a visit to Daniels’ Facebook page cleared it up.

The “religious expression” bill is essentially a measure to put “prayer back in school,” according to the representative’s graphic.


“Calling all intercessors! Save this date to join me in Tallahassee on February 9th at 8am to pray at the Capitol. You cannot complain about what you have not prayed about. Selah…Further Details TBA. If you cannot participate do your part by sharing and type amen if you believe in the power of prayer,” Daniels posted.

Daniels’ infographic also offers an ability to text her and get updates on this bill, though the return message is from “PASTOR KIM DANIELS.”

We called Daniels’ office on Friday to discuss the bill, but she was not able to be reached.


    1. She was a prostitute but now she’s pimping for Jesus. And for votes. And money.

    1. Can’t wait to see their beasts explode. They never remember this stuff always costs a fortune in lawsuits which they always lose. Kim Daniels is a self-promoting corrupt opportunist. Frivolous nonsense such as this should be beyond us as a society. For those who envision progress for their states and the nation, it already is. Be gone, Kim Daniels!

  1. This is wrong and destructive. As a Jewish child I was traumatized by being forced to stand in front of the room and read prayers coming directly from the Christian liturgy. Prayer in schools helps no one, and it alienates and traumatizes children. It is an affront to my first amendment rights that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” this applies to the states as well.

  2. Prayer is essential to the overall well-being of mankind. Its so ironic that critics of this bill want prayer when things aren’t well in their lives. Every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess Jesus is Lord. Don’t knock what you haven’t tried. God is the Alpha and Omega of our daily lives we should begin and end our day with prayer. The sad thing is America only want God when terrible things happen (terrorism, shootings etc.). We as a country have lost our zeal for the Almighty God. I encourage Florida representatives to search within their hearts and do the right thing and incorporate prayer in the schools.

    1. Michael, it was the same for me. I had been indoctrinated by my religious teachers, so when I went to public where the Lord’s Prayer was recited, I fought HEARING the prayer because it contained blasphemous words (added by humans). I was afraid the words would stay in my mind and make me a bad person.

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