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Paul Renner files Occupational Opportunity Act in House

Florida House Bill 615filed by Rep. Paul Renner of Palm Coast, would make transfers to Florida a bit easier for military families.

Also known as the “Occupational Opportunity Act,” HB 615 would compel Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation to license military members, spouses, and surviving spouses in occupations they have licenses for in other states.

The Renner bill would also extend the amount of time after discharge that such license reciprocity would be granted, from six months to two years.

Renner’s bill also waives license fees for military, spouses, and what a press release from his office calls “low-income individuals.”

Low-income individuals are those having a household income not exceeding 130 percent of federal guidelines for their household size, or enrolled in entitlement programs, such as Medicaid and SNAP.

“This bill helps two groups who most need our help: military families and those seeking a job to escape generational poverty. Moving forward,” Renner said, “we must continue to reform occupational licensing, which has become a barrier to opportunity for millions of Floridians.”

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