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‘Anti-Trump’ protesters blamed for impending Marco Rubio Jacksonville office move

President Donald Trump apparently is the gift that keeps on giving for Sen. Marco Rubio.

On Monday evening, the Florida Times-Union reported that for a second time in a week, protesters have forced Sen. Rubio from one of his regional offices.

Rubio’s team is working to find new space in Tampa, and now faces a similar challenge in Jacksonville, after a decision was made to terminate the Rubio office’s lease because of what the T-U calls “daily protests” outside.

Worth noting: Rubio’s Jacksonville office is located next to a children’s behavioral clinic, a location which apparently factored into the decision-making matrix.

Rubio spokesperson Christine Mandreucci, meanwhile, suggests that the protesters aren’t exactly protesting the senator after all.

“For the second time in another major region of the state, the unruly behavior of some anti-Trump protesters is making it more inconvenient for Floridians to come to our local office to seek assistance with federal issues,” Mandreucci asserted, in a statement she had earlier provided to the Florida Times-Union.

The statement goes on to assert (a few sentences later) that “those who disagree with President Trump and Senator Rubio certainly have a right to exercise their First Amendment rights…”

However, the construction of the statement is worth noting, in light of the gap some perceive between Rubio’s campaign-trail promises to act as a “check and balance” against the president.‎

When we asked for examples of meaningful daylight between the positions of Rubio and Trump on issues of concern to protesters, or examples of what the T-U story was missing in terms of context, they were not immediately forthcoming.

Rather, we were re-referred to the Tampa Bay Times article linked above, and told that “protesters are part of the Indivisible group, a liberal group that literally follows a guide that outlines ways to resist President Trump and his ideas.”

Are protesters objecting to Sen. Rubio? To the Trump agenda? Do they see Rubio as an effective “check and balance” on the president that beat him by 20 points in his homestate presidential primary? Or do they see him as an exponent of Trump’s agenda?

These, apparently, are open questions.


  1. We are not unruly. We are protesting a systematic lack of access to Senator Rubio, which he thinks will stop us from stating our opinions to him and his staff. We encourage Rubio to hold townhalls, which is part of his job we PAY him to do. This is not anti-Trump activity.

  2. To answer your questions, we see Marco as a player, who says what sounds strong and then does whatever is easiest and best for himself. There would be no protests if he would just meet with people. Instead he closed his offices and refused to answer the phone.

  3. The protestors are absolutely protesting Rubio who refuses to meet with constituents. He has gone along with each and every one of Trump’s divisive and destructive decisions.

  4. Marco’s checks and balance reality is only the “check” he expects to receive by being in 45’s corner. He talks a big story about representing the people of FL against this horribly destructive administration…but his votes tell the real story. Those who oppose 45 understand his allies are just as dangerous because they are his foot soldiers in this destructive war.

  5. Seriously, you couldn’t go online and figure it out? To answer your question, one of the main reasons for me is Rubio accepting money to vote for Trump’s cabinett picks, Rubio accepting money from Trump’s camp in general, not listening to what his people have to say and allowing Trump to go unchecked. Also he has the worst attendance record of any senator. He probably bribed his way into office too, looking back on it.

  6. Marco could hold a town hall at any time. Look at other senators doing just that. He feel safe to ignore us because he just got reelected. Well now he’s our senator too, and he needs to represent all of us. If he doesn’t want the job he can resign and we can hold a special election to replace him.

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