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Richard Corcoran gets nod for dedication to term limits from U.S. Term Limits

House Speaker Richard Corcoran has been honored for his commitment to term limits.

U.S. Term Limits announced this week that it has presented Corcoran with the Champion of Term Limits Award. The Land O’Lakes Republican was honored for his commitment to term limits and citizen government.

“By supporting term limits, Speaker Corcoran has given a voice to Floridians who feel let down by corruption and careerism in government,” said Philip Blumel, the president of U.S. Term Limits. “People are tired of business as usual and term limits is the only way to change the status quo. We applaud Corcoran for his important work to get this done.”

Corcoran has pushed to impose term limits on Florida’s Supreme Court and appellate judges, which the organization supports. The organization also applauded Corcoran for his support of legislative term limits, which have been in place since 1992.

“Term limits have served as an effective check against unrestrained power in the Legislature,” said Blumel. “It will have a similar impact in bringing more discipline to our judicial system.”

The national organization is based out of Melbourne, Florida. The group aims to fight for term limits at all levels of government.

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  1. Seems like it takes a long time to get a law changed specially I’m sure that the senate and the Congress and people in government don’t want term limits. I don’t quite understand what has been going on with the term limit since 1992

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