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Jay Fant on CNN: ‘We’ve seen enough from Sheriff Israel’

Rep. Jay Fant, a Republican candidate for State Attorney, renewed his calls for Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel to step down in the wake of reportage that deputies stood down, as did the school resource officer, in a mass shooting that killed 17 in Parkland earlier this month.

Fant, a signatory on a letter from House Speaker Richard Corcoran on this matter, made his case on CNN Monday morning.

“We’ve seen enough from Sheriff Israel,” Fant said, noting that Israel said he demonstrated “amazing leadership” but has not demonstrated accountability in the wake of the stand down of one to four officers.

Gov. Rick Scott has avoided calls to remove Israel, instead tasking the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate.

Fant did not pan this move.

“The governor is keenly sensitive to what is happening in Broward, that’s why he launched the FDLE investigation, but it’s not going to get better for Sheriff Israel, it’s going to get worse,” Fant said, referring to expected damning findings from the Coral Springs Police Department’s investigation of the incident.

Fant wants an independent prosecutor to look into what happened, he said.

In the wake of the Parkland homicides, Fant has been on national television with some frequency. He had a segment on “Meet the Press Daily” on MSNBC late last week.


  1. We need more politicians like Jay Fant. He is a man of courage and conviction and not afraid to address issues that others are politically correct on.

    1. Jay Fant is a puppet of the NRA. It is so obvious from his comments. I hope he is voted out of office and certainly not elected as an AG. Completely unqualified!!!

  2. Moderating my comment is against my First Amendment rights. Everything I said is accurate. Fortunately, many others have his number and will actively oppose him for future office.

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