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Senators get jars of tar and feathers labeled ‘Enemy of Freedom’ after gun bill vote

A man who was “quietly watching” the Senate debate on a controversial gun bill Monday was spotted carrying into the Capitol about a dozen jars full of tar and feathers labeled “Enemy of Freedom Award.”

The destination: the offices of Democratic and Republican state senators, some of whom voted for new gun restrictions and others who did not, but who have been vocal supporters of an assault weapon ban.

POLITICO Florida first reported that senators received the odd gift after the Senate narrowly passed the gun and school safety initiative, which includes a ban on bump stock sales, raising the legal age to buy an assault rifle from 18 to 21 and a three-day waiting period before someone can purchase a firearm.

Senate spokeswoman Katie Betta said the jars she saw had white notes with the names of senators on one side and a message about children being in support of the Second Amendment on the other side.

An aide to a Republican senator said the jar was delivered to the office by a man who identified himself as someone from the Libertarian Caucus.

While strange, Betta said novelties from those who oppose the views of legislators is not unprecedented. National Rifle Association Lobbyist Marion Hammer told POLITICO Florida that she was not behind the rare jelly jar present, topped with a poop emoji and feathers.

The plan that passed the Senate on Monday is currently being considered by the Florida House. House Democrats on Tuesday morning unanimously voted to take a caucus position against one of the provisions that would allow school staff to be armed with guns on campus to react in case of an active shooting.

The proposal also provides for a $400 million appropriation on school safety and mental health initiatives.

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  1. Broxson of North Florida betrayed his constituents to vote for more gun control. Broxson is now vulnerable to lose his seat in that conservative district! Florida panhandle please vote that back stabbing Broxson Jerk out of office!

  2. You make it sound so sinister. I’ll take partial credit since it was my idea. A friend is the guy whose children made them, and he delivered them. Neither of us are NRA members.

  3. Excellent idea! I love it. I hope everyone is mailing their reps tonight and begging them to vote NO on this horrible legislation that will remove millions of Floridians’ rights to defend themselves and leave them relying on the police- see how well that worked out in Parkland with the Coward, I mean Broward County Sheriff Department.

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