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Beer wholesalers launch safe driving campaign

As summer nears an end and students across the state get ready to return back to school, the Florida Beer Wholesalers Association (FBWA) is reminding Floridians to be mindful of school zones and other traffic changes that come with each academic year.

It’s the third year FBWA has sought to raise awareness of student safety issues. The group, a legislative advocacy arm for independent beer distributors, says the campaign is tailored to act as an “internal refresher” for professional drivers in the industry, but note their outreach efforts extend to the public as a whole.

“With school’s return, we wanted to make sure our drivers were fully aware of the rules of the road when it comes to school buses, with special attention to pedestrian safety, as well as remind the general public that school is back in session,” said Mark Vroman, Immediate Past President of the FBWA. Vroman also works with Coastal Beverage Ltd. in Naples.

The campaign, dubbed “School’s Back. Drive Safely,” offers drivers on the road a clear and concise message. Bright yellow stickers displaying the campaign name will be placed on trucks in operation under the association “to encourage fellow drivers to pay attention, be alert, and seek to learn more about driving in school zones,” according to FBWA Executive Director Mitch Rubin.

“We wanted the campaign to be simple yet effective,” Rubin said. 

Accompanying the campaign is an informative video that instructs drivers to stop behind school buses when needed and to obey school zone traffic laws.

FBWA asks interested parties to visit this website to learn more.

Watch the video below:

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