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Rick Scott says Democrats want ‘big government socialism’

Gov. Rick Scott continued his “Make Washington Work” bus tour Monday morning with a Jacksonville stop.

As opposed to a previous stop, which saw Scott change his schedule in apparent aversion to protesters of HB 631, a controversial beach access law that the Governor signed then suspended weeks later, the Jacksonville appearance at Mac Papers on the Southside drew no protesters.

Scott has outspent incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, yet polls of the race for the U.S. Senate seat show a dead heat.

“We’re going to win the race because it’s a clear choice,” Scott said, between the Republicans and Democrats like gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and Nelson, who are “both for higher taxes and they’re both for — they don’t want to secure borders.”

“Andrew Gillum wants to get rid of ICE,” Scott said, and “Nelson wants catch and release.”

“If you look at why people are going to the polls to vote, they’re going to vote on what they want their future to be,” Scott said.

“Do we want to continue the future we have in Florida where we have jobs and record funding, or do we want to go down the path where we want higher taxes,” Scott asked rhetorically, adding that “we’re going to win the race because people want a better future.”

Scott has painted Nelson and Gillum as too radical for the state, and his stump remarks continued that theme.

“These Democrats are all in for higher taxes, more debt, and that’s not good for us as a family,” Scott said. “They just want big government programs that don’t work.”

“The Democrats are talking about big government socialism, [saying] ‘oh, it’s fair,'” Scott said. “Yeah, it’s fair — we all do bad. We all do poorly under socialism.”

Gov. Rick Scott visits Mac Paper in Jacksonville on his statewide “Make Washington Work” Bus Tour.


  1. You assert that our choice for governor is a choice between capitalism and socialism. That’s a false choice.
    A look at each candidates website shows the real choice.
    Gillum’s support of public education, access to health care, environmental protection, and infrastructure improvement are policies that allow all people the opportunity to flourish in their life in work. According to the preamble of the United States constitution that’s what government in the United States is supposed to be about.
    DeSantis’ website emphasizes the reduction of taxes and business regulations (which means less protection for the environment). That’s fine if you are OK with an underfunded educational system, an environment vulnerable to the whims of private interest, and millions of people without access to healthcare.
    That’s the real choice for this election.

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