Direct mail roundup: Andrew Gillum will ‘take money from hardworking families’ - Florida Politics

Direct mail roundup: Andrew Gillum will ‘take money from hardworking families’

Andrew Gillum

Americans for Prosperity Action, or AFP-Action, said it was rolling out a direct mail campaign opposing Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum earlier this month, and those ads are starting to hit mailboxes statewide.

The mail campaign is one component of AFP-Action’s anti-Gillum ad blitz. The Koch-backed political committee also made a digital ad buy labeling the Tallahassee Mayor as “too extreme for Florida.”

The front of the mailer features a picture of Gillum on a TV set and says, “Breaking news: Andrew Gillum says ‘we will increase taxes.’”

“What will Andrew Gillum’s tax increases do? Hurt Florida’s economy. Hit small business. Take money from hardworking families,” the flipside says. “Change the channel. Vote AGAINST Andrew Gillum on November 6th.”

The mailers appear to be referencing statements by Gillum that he would raise taxes on businesses to pay for his education priorities. His plan would increase Florida’s corporate income tax rate from 5.5 percent to 7.75 percent in order to pay for a proposed $1 billion increase in the education budget to pay for increases in teacher pay.

When AFP-Action announced the ad campaign its senior adviser, Chris Hudson, said that if Gillum was elected and his education and health care priorities were implemented, it would “take away your health insurance and cut access to Floridians on Medicaid by expanding a broken system” and “destroy successful programs that give students a hand up in achieving their goals.”

AFP-Action contends that the state is “heading in the right direction,” however Gillum has claimed that even though the Florida has a low unemployment rate, individuals are being forced to work “two to three jobs to make ends meet.”

Gillum and running mate Chris King face Republican nominee Ron DeSantis and his LG pick, state Rep. Jeannette Nuñez, in the Nov. 6 general election.

Every poll since Gillum and DeSantis became their parties’ nominees has shown Gillum in the lead, though most polls have put his edge within the margin of error. According to an aggregation of public polls compiled by RealClearPolitics, Gillum as a 3.7 percentage point edge with less than a month to go before Election Day.

AFP-Action’s mailer is below.

AFP Gillum

AFP Gillum

Drew Wilson covers legislative campaigns and fundraising for Florida Politics. He is a former editor at The Independent Florida Alligator and business correspondent at The Hollywood Reporter. Wilson, a University of Florida alumnus, covered the state economy and Legislature for LobbyTools and The Florida Current prior to joining Florida Politics.


  1. All taxes are paid by individuals. Any tax on business is paid ultimately by some combination of consumers, workers or retirees. As taxes go up businesses scale back growth and expansion. They scale back hiring. They get less investment from fewer investors. Raising Florida’s business tax rate from 5.5% to 7.75% puts Florida as the highest or one of the highest business tax states in the South. It is a bad idea.

    1. Randy, you suggest that slightly raising Florida’s corporate tax is a bad idea. How do you feel about raising education standards in Florida? How do you feel about raising the income standard for lowly paid professional educators? How do you feel about a candidate (Gillum) who actually cares about preventing another Parkland tragedy in our state?

      While we are at it I ask, how do you feel about a candidate (Deranged DeSantis) who can’t articulate a health care plan three weeks before the election? How do you feel about supporting a candidate (Deranged DeSantis) who voted 15 times in congress AGAINST protecting people with preexisting conditions? How do you feel about a candidate (Deranged DeSantis) whose claim to fame is having his nose stuck far up the azz of Trump?

      Oh, oh, one more thing. How do you feel about a candidate (Deranged DeSantis) who claims to care about Florida’s water and air quality but has one of the WORST environmental voting records in Congress? Did you know that true environmental scientist detest Deranged DeSantis?

      Sir, you should think before writing stupid stuff.

      1. Using deranged 5 times in 3 paragraphs pretty well disqualifies your credibility. A near 40% increase in the business tax rate is not a slight increase. Simply pumping more money in to education in no way means it will raise standards. The rest of what you raise (in a somewhat “deranged” rant) has nothing to do with the article.

  2. Gillum is a George Soros puppet. He will raise taxes and put a state income tax on all Floridians. Wake up people.

    1. Seber, you’re asking people to wake up. Sir, I am asking you to go back to sleep and stay sleep until the morning of November 7th. At that point you can wake up to the reality of (your) nightmare – Governor Andrew Gillum.

  3. Haters, it’s truly amazing about how much hate is being displayed during this campaign process, Mr. Desantis and his ad personnel should realize that the truth will set you free. Time after time you have lied about Mr. Gillum at every chance you get and none is factual nor true. Spend some honest capping off your Desantis with all of the negative propaganda and you will see just how bad his record against poor people, people of color and hate for anyone that has been anointed by the Holy Spirit. Remember this Mr Desantis what goes up will, this is a caring Man with a vision for the State of Florida and its wonderful citizens so please vote for this kind and dedicated gentleman who believes that all things are possible thru Jesus Christ.

  4. Gillum is a socialist, I have seen the video of him saying he is friends with George Soros and is taking his money. He is under investigation by the FBI, this is a fact!!!

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