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Bill Nelson: ‘Al Franken should step aside’

As Sen. Al Franken prepares for an all-but-certain resignation Thursday, former allies in the Senate are calling for him to step down.

“Sexual harassment is never acceptable. I agree with a majority of the Democratic senators that Sen. Franken should step aside,” said Sen. Bill Nelson Wednesday evening.

Nelson joins Minority Leader Charles Schumer and over half of the Democrats in the Senate to call for Nelson to step down, per The New York Times.

Nelson had booked Franken for a November fundraiser, which was to have happened just as the first stories about Franken began to circulate in the media.

Franken was said at the time to be “no longer available.”

Hours from now, he likely will no longer be available in the Senate.

Nelson may face questions as to why he was one of the later Democrats in the Senate to call for his colleague’s resignation.

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  1. Sen Nelson will face questions alright, about why he has not yet called for Trump to resign.
    And for Roy Moore to resign?
    Sen Franken should, under no circumstances, be resigning until and unless the admitted sexual predator Trump and the pedophile Moore have resigned. And probably not even then.
    I’m a longtime Nelson supporter. I want to know WHEN he will be calling for Trump & Moore to resign. If the Senator does not make that call, I will not be supporting him. I will vote bc no better alternative, but no campaign work or contribution.

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