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State orders sales stopped on new cannabis product

Florida’s Department of Health on Monday ordered a Quincy-based dispensary to quit selling a medical cannabis product that could potentially be broken down and made into pot that can be smoked.

Trulieve began selling its first whole-flower cannabis product meant for vaping last week at five retail dispensaries and through home delivery. The buds in the Entourage Multi Indica vaporizer cup, however, could also be used in joints, pipes or bongs.

The Department of Health authorized Trulieve to sell sealed vaporizer cups containing marijuana. However, Office of Compassionate Use Director Christian Bax said in a cease and desist letter to Trulieve that the mesh caps can be removed with minimal effort and cannot be reattached.

Vaping is allowed under state law, but smoking is prohibited. Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers said the company had issued warnings to patients that the product should only be used for vaping.

“We were surprised by the letter, but are immediately and completely complying with the department’s wishes while evaluating our options,” she said.

The department also found in a tour of one of Trulieve’s retail facilities that a vaporizer it advertises for use with the product is sold only online. Trulieve also was not able to show how to use the product with the vaporizer.

Currently, low-THC cannabis can be used by patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy, chronic seizures and chronic muscle spasms. The law was expanded last year to include patients with terminal conditions. It also allowed them to use more potent strains.

The rules from a medical marijuana constitutional amendment passed last November, which will expand the list of conditions for which patients can receive pot, must be in place by July and enacted by October.


  1. Christian Bax, Wow an individual that lied about his credentials had his daddy get him appoint to his current post. Money, power and political corruption surrounds Mr Bax. His daddy’s money gave him power to corrupt our Governor Scott to get a political appointment that he was not qualified. The pay to play corruption really does go all the way to the Governors office. When will the politicians serve Floridians and not the special interest that pay for their loyalty?

  2. This story starts off with a ridiculous statement that pot can be broken down to pot that can be smoked. What? Whether whole flower or ground down it can still be smoked or vaped. My question is where is Attorney John Morgan in this discussion on legality? Morgan goes on vacation at St. Barts, is quiet for months, pops up to debate unlimited dispensaries, throws Polarra under the bus, and then disappears once again. Obviously, Morgan has his own financial interests. Bax reacted because four Florida Sheriffs and the Miami Beach Police Chief raised hell with OCU. Bax caved, reacted, and now here we are. Bax is never proactive only reactive. What do you expect for a man who gained this position only through nepotism and cronyism.

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