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Ahead of court hearings, Corrine Brown continues promoting concerts

Jay-Z famously rapped that one “can’t change a player’s game in the 9th inning.” And so is the case with Corrine Brown, who continues promoting fundraising events for her legal defense fund, as she fights convictions on 18 counts in a federal fraud trial.

A recent Facebook live video found Brown in a familiar salon in North Jacksonville, making a pitch that is almost as familiar: to buy tickets for the capstone of Brown’s benefit tour, a Shirley Caesar concert on Sunday.

The video begins awkwardly; the photog tells Brown she has “something on [her] lip,” which leads Brown to lick said lip until said obstruction is removed.

Brown then goes on to “thank the community for … support and prayers.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing everybody at 5:00 Sunday for the Shirley Caesar’s program,” Brown exclaimed.

“I know everybody said they’re praying for me, but I need to physically see you and touch you Sunday,” Brown said.

Caesar is name-checked with Brown saying Caesar is coming for “prayer with a purpose — to pray for me.”

Tickets, Brown reminded viewers, start at a “very reasonable” $25 and go up in price, with the “VIP tickets” representing even better value and $100 tickets allowing one to be “in the back with refreshments.”

The concert will be in a church. It is Brown’s hope that all 4,250 seats sell by Thursday.

Brown’s benefit concert is less than 24 hours before a hearing in her case to consider motions for acquittal and for a new trial.

It is currently unknown how much money is in the Corrine Brown Legal Defense Trust Fund. Even after two benefit events already, the website claims the account is “0% funded,” suggesting that the accounting practices that led to Brown’s conviction are still as loose as ever.

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