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State House hopeful Tracye Polson clears $51K in September

Lots of under-capitalized Democrats run for office in Northeast Florida. And then there’s House District 15 Democrat Tracye Polson.

The first-time Jacksonville candidate stormed out to a huge first month in the race, raising $51,099 in September, with over $47,000 of that cash on hand, according to a press release from her campaign Monday.

There are caveats: Polson loaned her campaign $25,000, gave herself another $1,000, and much of the money contributed is from outside District 15.

“I am excited and humbled by the response my candidacy has received throughout the district. The hard-working families of Jacksonville deserve better than what they have been getting out of Tallahassee,” Polson asserted.

“For too long, the deck has been stacked against middle class families in Tallahassee because you have a state legislature dominated by politicians who cater to the special interest. I am not a politician, I’ve never run for office and I am going to change the status quo in Tallahassee. It is why I am running and my message is clearly resonating with voters here in Jacksonville.”

House District 15 will see a competitive race to replace Jay Fant, who is running for Attorney General. Republican hopeful Wyman Duggan raised $10,650 in September while spending $4,770; he has roughly $60,000 on hand after two months in the race.


  1. That Tracye Polson has significant donations from outside District 15 is a huge plus. It shows that she has a broad reach and solid support. For people to give who will not be DIRECTLY affected should she win says a lot about what they think of her and her potential. Kudos on a strong start!

  2. Tracye is a truly caring and competent individual who is striving to create change that she has recognized the community needs. Vote Polson!

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