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$148K October for Ashley Moody’s Attorney General bid

Retired Hillsborough Judge Ashley Moody continued her consistent fundraising in October, bringing in nearly $150,000 between hard cash and committee money.

Moody brought in $105,490 to her campaign account, which has just over $908,000 on hand. Her committee (“Friends of Ashley Moody”) brought in $43,000, giving the committee over $207,000 on hand.

Moody has been in the race for five months now, and has yet to have a monthly take of under $100,000.

Of the field thus far, Moody has had the strongest connection with donors. She has deep connections statewide, including support from Democratic attorneys — meaningful especially since the sole filed Democrat, Ryan Torrens, had under $8,000 cash on hand as of the end of September.

State Rep. Jay Fant, a Jacksonville Republican who has not filed October numbers as of yet, had $927,000 on hand at the end of September — but $750,000 was from a personal loan. His political committee had another $43,000 on hand.

State Rep. Frank White of Pensacola likewise has yet to file October numbers; he carried $76,000 over from his House re-election campaign that was in process before he moved to the Attorney General race.

Rumors persist of a fourth entrant into the GOP primary field, Dover Republican Rep. Ross Spano.

Spano will need to pick up the fundraising pace. He brought in $13,000 of new money in October, and has $51,000 on hand.

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