Rick Scott calls on Roy Moore to withdraw from Senate race if 'disgusting' revelations are true - Florida Politics

Rick Scott calls on Roy Moore to withdraw from Senate race if ‘disgusting’ revelations are true

In Jacksonville Tuesday to introduce his budget, Florida Gov. Rick Scott addressed the continuing Roy Moore scandal — and condemned the Alabama U.S. Senate candidate’s behavior in the strongest possible terms

Moore has dealt with a tsunami of revelations about “dating” teenagers while he was district attorney in the Gadsden area, with some of the women charging that he had then sexually assaulted them.

“If any of it’s true, he’s got to get out of the race,” Scott said Tuesday, exclusively to Florida Politics.

“This is not partisan. This is about doing the right thing, and when I think about the things in Hollywood, I think about my daughters. And when I think about this, I think about my grand kids.”

“If any of this stuff is true,” Scott said, “then Roy Moore’s got to get out of this race.”

“What I think about is I wouldn’t want my grand kids to be treated like this. It’s disgusting,” Scott added. “You can’t imagine that anybody would do this.”

“When my daughters were teenagers,” Scott continued, “I was worried about where they were. So when you hear reports like this, they’re disgusting. So if there’s any truth to any of this, he’s got to get out of the race.”

“Every voter, every citizen, every taxpayer deserves to have their elected officials live up to high standards. When you read the stories like this, whether the thing’s in Alabama or Tallahassee or D.C. or California,” Scott said, “you think about your family and you think about how disgusting it is and you hope it would never happen to anybody.”

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  1. The Governor needs to focus on his own race and let the people of Alabama, who have known the judge for 40 years, decide theirs.

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