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Foreclosure final on state Representative’s ‘parsonage’

Finally subject to a successful foreclosure auction Wednesday: The Davie “parsonage” of Spoken Word Ministries, the church run in part by Rep. Kim Daniels.

Since Dec. 2016, the mortgage holder, Freedom Mortgage Corporation, had sought to foreclose on the property. The bank finally recovered the property for $800,200 at auction.

However, those efforts had been successfully forestalled over months. Motions to cancel a sale date had been filed four times — the most recent one, a cancellation of an October sale due to Hurricane Irma.

Daniels’ invocation of Irma was ironic, given that she made news in the wake of the storm by asserting that “prophets” saw the storm coming.

“Nothing happens except God reveal it to prophets first,” the Jacksonville Democrat observed as the death-dealing superstorm enveloped the peninsula.

Spoken Word wanted time to survey storm damage.

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The Davie property was part of an impressive portfolio of parsonages and parson-appropriate vehicles amassed by Spoken Word Ministries, as the divorce filing of Ardell Daniels — the Rep’s now ex-husband — indicated.

Beyond that $860,000 home, the couple acquired other properties, including three Jacksonville homes, a Jacksonville commercial property, and three Central Florida timeshares. The Jacksonville home where Kim Daniels lives was appraised in 2015 at $386,940.

Additionally, Spoken Word Ministries had 13 vehicles, either in the name of the corporation or the husband.

Daniels, meanwhile, maintains impressive earning power; as of her last financial disclosure statement, she made $96,000 from Spoken Word Ministries and just over $100,000 from Kim Daniels Ministries International in 2016.

Daniels’ net worth, per that disclosure document, was just shy of $595,000, with $34,116 in liabilities including two car notes and department store charge cards.


  1. And this romp through someone’s divorce finances accomplishes what useful public purpose, exactly ?

    The author of the piece is one of the less-accomplished children of the First Amendment. Lemme put it this way: he took “the short bus” to Journalism School.

  2. When parsonages, prophets and pastors collect egregious wealth for themselves from the donations of their congregants they deserve to have exposure of those tendencies, whether under the mantle of religious or public service.
    Whatever path this journalist took, he shines the light that dispels the darkness.

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